How do consumers feel about the Top 10 UK retailers right now?

Through daily surveys to a total of 120,000 consumers annually, WGSN Barometer measures the performance of 250 leading womenswear retail brands in the US and UK, and provides the insight behind it.  Last month, Sarah Murphy, Director of Brand Insight, presented the results of the survey with 30,000 UK female consumers in an exclusive webinar (watch it here) and here are some of the key topics covered:

Online vs Instore – Who is winning and why?

Opposite to what is happening in the US, where offline experiences are still dominating, 16-34 year olds are more likely to say they shop online than in-store. Asos specially does well for overall online experience, with a high Net Promoter Score and their customers being most likely to recommend the brand – with especially high scores on their product display with detailed photos and videos.


Amazon is the definitely the one to watch for womenswear with strong levels of affinity (second only to Primark) and low levels of lapsed customers.

For instore satisfaction, the John Lewis customer is very satisfied with their shopping experience and the product range, with high scores in helpfulness/knowledge of staff and availability of trendy items in stock.

Primark winning at generating buzz

As reported by Retail Week, 38% of 5,000 UK womenswear consumers surveyed during September claimed they had recently heard about  Primark. This figure rises to 68% amongst 16-24-year-olds.

When it comes to top-of-mind brand awareness, the value retailer has is one of the highest scores among UK womenswear shoppers at 34% nationally and 46% among 16-24-year-olds.

These results are even more impressive given that the brand does not notably invest in above-the-line advertising.

Primark’s steady commitment to opening new retail stores, with 11 added in the UK this year alone, certainly helps boost top-of-mind awareness.

Marks & Spencer winning at brand recall

M&S had an excellent cut-through response with 40% of female consumers claiming they’d seen advertising for retailer in June, with this peak corresponding to their ‘Spend it Well’ campaign.

The campaign clearly got traction with consumers, marking a departure from the UK retailer’s usual marketing style and debuting its food and clothing divisions together under one slogan. Showing a new brand philosophy, as well as validating M&S choice of a new ad agency after 16 years, this data is hugely beneficial to M&S.

Curious about how your brand does for these measures?

What consumer groups consider your brand? Who else are they thinking about? And what are they spending with them? WGSN Barometer compares your performance on key drivers of customer satisfaction – from offer (shopping experience, range and quality) to value (prices, offers, sales & promotions).

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