Confirmation that Copenhagen is a sneakerhead’s paradise
By Ella Hudson

The recent round of trade shows in Copenhagen confirmed how sneakers are big business. Ella Hudson, WGSN Senior Editor, Accessories & Footwear reports

Aug 23, 2016

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When you consider the relatively small scale of the Danish capital in comparison, say, to London, New York or any of the other ‘so-called fashion capitals’ of the world, it’s all the more remarkable that Copenhagen has had such a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on popular culture.

The influence of the Danes is evident across what are arguably some of best parts of day-to-day life. Everything from the icons of modern design by the likes of architect and designer Arne Jacobsen that have remained highly sought-after pieces several decades after they were first produced.  Then there’s the experimental approach to flavour pioneered by René Redzepi that not only reshaped the food industry as we know it today, but also transformed Copenhagen into the ultimate foodie destination.

Street Shot by Sandra Semburg

Street Shot by Sandra Semburg

On the subject of getting dressed, it’s the Danish signature brand of minimalism that sparked a global trend. It’s hard to pinpoint just how they do it – all part of the charm – but somehow, their take on pared back style manages to capture the kind of effortless cool that actually, for more of us than we would care to admit, requires quite a lot of time and effort to achieve.

And so we come to the subject of sneakers. Because what could be cooler than shoes that fly in the face of formal dress codes, rejecting all notions of gender stereotypes while they’re at it, and are so comfortable that they make you feel virtually unstoppable? Not much is the answer.


A walk around any of Copenhagen’s busy shopping districts will instantly make clear just how seriously the Danes take their sneakers. The stores don’t just stock the newest styles from the hottest brands, they also focus on the niche areas of the market, recognising that when it comes to sneakers, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.


Vaerso sneaker


Common Projects


Diemme sneakers

Novesta sneakers

Novesta sneakers

The recent round of trade shows in Copenhagen confirmed just how big business sneakers are, with stand after stand showcasing S/S 17 collection made up almost entirely of sports styles.  Particular highlights came from Novesta who introduced a range of faded florals to their signature style, and a sneak peak at Common Project’s shiny – literally – new collection.

Want to know more about the must-have sneakers for S/S 17? WGSN subscribers can click here to read our full analysis of the CIFF and REVOLVER tradeshows. And for more information on the best sneaker stores Copenhagen has to offer, click here.

Confirmation that Copenhagen is a sneakerhead's paradise

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