Comfort footwear brands to dance around in this summer
By Dan Bisson

Agile, elegant and expressive dancers are now putting comfort footwear to the test in the latest S/S16 campaigns. WGSN reports.

May 17, 2016

2 min

This season comfort footwear brands are taking a new angle with their campaign imagery. Brands have started to introduce the world of dance into the latest campaigns elevating comfort seasonal collections.



Cole Haan and Geox in particular utilise the expressive movements to showcase each designs key feature.



Classic and contemporary dancers flex, bend and rotate across the dance floor pushing footwear constructions to their limits. Brands are also investing in design and development processes, creating beautifully crafted men’s, women’s and kids silhouettes.

Comfort footwear was once seen as ugly but now with dancer endorsements styles are seen under a new light. Stylish, directional and practical the comfort market has upped its game.

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