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Orchid Flower by Coloro

Orchid Flower by Coloro / Orchid Flower by Coloro

With the S/S 22 menswear catwalks wrapped up and womenswear S/S shows pending, now is the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with the forecasted Key Colors for S/S 22 from Coloro and WGSN, and track how they are emerging in the industry.

Our five key colors take inspiration from the simple and sensorial pleasures of everyday life, as consumers gravitate towards mood-boosting products and exhilarating experiences. The smell of a favourite book, the first forkful of a home-cooked meal or the feel of freshly cut grass under the feet can all ignite feelings of joy, and our colors embody these treasured moments with an almost tangible sense of depth, texture and saturation. Throughout, we have balanced the desire for newness with the need for familiarity and dependability.

Orchid Flower (pictured above), our 2022 Color of the Year, has an intense, hyper-real and energising quality that stands out in both real-life and digital settings. It is also versatile enough to work across seasons and continents. In a challenging time, this saturated magenta tone will be a great way to create a sense of positivity and escapism.

Vibrant pinks are already making an impact across activewear and occasionwear, especially for women, and this will continue with Orchid Flower, which will resonate across fashion, swimwear, interiors and beauty. With its purple undertone, it will also appeal to both men and women, driven initially by the youth market.

Olive Oil by Coloro

Olive Oil by Coloro

Olive Oil, our restful and balanced tone, has a timeless and comforting quality, and much like its namesake, makes it a great base to combine with other colors. Green is a consistently important color thanks to its association with nature and with prolonged periods of isolation, wildlife and nature’s vitality will have a clear appeal to consumers in S/S 22.

Olive Oil is a perennial all-rounder, meaning it will have broad appeal across outdoor active apparel, workwear denim, soft lingerie sets, footwear, accessories and interiors. For menswear and womenswear, it will have particular relevance for practical, functional styles, which are gaining momentum.

Butter by Coloro

Butter by Coloro

Butter drives yellow towards these softer, creamier and almost edible levels that encapsulates our growing desire for nourishing and wholesome experiences. Yellow has grown in popularity over the past three years, encompassing both saturated brights and pale tints. For S/S 22, we forecast consumers seeking these reassuring, familiar yellow shades that bring comfort and optimism. Warm, buttery shades are already uptrending in luxury womenswear and for S/S 22, we will see this expand into menswear, lingerie and interiors – especially for luxurious and elevated styles.

Mango Sorbet by Coloro

Mango Sorbet by Coloro

Mango Sorbet is an invigorating hue that fuses the popularity of orange with the brightness of yellow. It can be used to add a much-needed dose of energy to seasonal palettes, enhancing feelings of wellbeing and health, and also bring a digital twist to palettes with its hyper-natural and vivid saturation.

Mango Sorbet will be perfect for swimwear, activewear and outdoor apparel, and will work as a surprising off-kilter bright for womenswear – especially for contemporary silhouettes. With its juicy quality, it can also be used to give a lift to homewares and interiors.

Atlantic Blue by Coloro

Atlantic Blue by Coloro

Atlantic Blue is the dependable, versatile and trustworthy shade for S/S 22, that echoes the hues of organic indigo dyes and the ocean, making it perfect for sustainable and heritage designs.

Deep blues such as this are already being championed by slow-fashion brands and will be ideal for menswear. Atlantic Blue will also work as a classic core for womenswear, activewear and interiors, and as a directional tone for beauty colour cosmetics.

Please join us for a live webinar, Key Colors S/S 22 Refresher, on July 22 to find out more.

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