Chinese New Year 2016: How retail is embracing the year of the monkey
By Sandy Chu

Hong Kong & Shanghai shopping malls have created stunning displays for this year’s zodiac animal. WGSN reports

Feb 08, 2016

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With this year’s zodiac animal being the monkey, many shopping malls are taking a playful approach to decorations, referencing Chinese classic novel Journey to the West and its hero, the Monkey King.

This has given rise to new holiday imagery, here are our favourite store displays:


1. Cute baby monkeys are mixed with a variety of peaches, peach blossoms and magical woodland elements for Plaza 66’s Chinese New Year displays



2. IAPM mixes the traditional Chinese New Year colours of red and gold with this year’s zodiac animal, the monkey, for a playful, seasonally relevant twist.


3. Lucky red and auspicious gold are used as the primary colour palette for IFC Mall’s Chinese New Year displays. The animals’ flat cutout shapes are reminiscent of 1960s cult classic game Barrel of Monkeys.



4. Elements Mall offers up monkeys and cherry blossoms to highlight the festivities for the Year of the Monkey.


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Chinese New Year 2016: How retail is embracing the year of the monkey

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