Chic Geek Of The Week

A mystery girl on the corner of Spring and Thompson…mostly chic…a bit of a geek…she’s my favorite muse…of the week…xxx

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  • love her outfit! edgy but geeky 🙂

  • The glasses are so awesome.

  • That is my favourite outfit for myself too. It’s so simple and so perfect.

  • numero

    I love her style. Simple and chic.

  • Anonymous

    Her name is Inna. She is a model with Supreme.

    Not to discount her style…but why are all style shots of models on the street? Bore..

  • I’ll chalk her up as my favorite Muse, too. 😉
    I see something (Erin) Wasson-like going on with her, and I like it!


  • murry

    too, too, too skinny. not aMUSEd.

  • Hi Anonymous above – well all of my streetstyle photos are certainly not of off-duty models – I agree with you that that would be boring. If you track back through my site, I would say way less than 10 percent of my shots are of models – maybe 1 out of every 20 or 1 out of every 30 photos are of models. I like to shoot photos of models and feature them here occasionally, but that is not really what excites me about streetstyle…that is not really what this site is about. I prefer to shoot real girls with great personal style – girls that often look fantastic even though they are on a limited budget and don’t have assistance pulling their outfits together. Celebrities and models can be a bit boring and it’s a bit like streetstyle cheating if you ask me. (On the other hand, many lower and mid-level models are very much “real girls” who are often living in a funky apartment and walk around looking really stylish without much assistance in the way of free clothes, cash, a stylist dressing them, etc.) Real girls who are able to mix an expensive designer piece with a high street piece with a vintage piece with something their boyfriend left on the floor – they are my whole reason and inspiration for doing this every day.
    Also, you bring up another point that is worth discussing – purposefully maintaining a sense of wonder and mystery about the city or place where you live. I really feel that this is important. I’m no naif – but I used to really enjoy being one! You can never recapture the sense of naivety and wide-eyed admiration that you used to have for anything – be it a city, a relationship, etc. Nor though do you have to Google, Wikipedia, Models.com, Facebook search everything and everyone you see. I enjoy the mystery of seeing someone or something special and leaving it at that – to discover details almost always ruins the back story you conjure in your head. Actual facts rarely improve upon the human imagination. The best example I can think of…the famous V-J Day kiss in Times Square with the sailor and the nurse…probably the most famous street photographer shot of all time…and still no one knows for certain who the people in the photo are. It’s much better this way, much cooler…this mystery is the single most important reason why this photo has risen to the level of art rather than just being a black-and-white snapshot of two people. Put simply, when I put up a photo of a mystery girl, I would love it, and really appreciate it, if no one tried to solve the mystery. I visit sites like thefashionspot (which is a cool site) where commenters almost try to one-up each other with their knowledge of models – here’s her name, age, here’s this campaign she did, etc. I love fashion obsessives and want to support anyone who is this excited about fashion and designers and models, (I’m generally fond of people who get excited about virtually anything, people who are high on life, I’m totally that way myself) but encyclopedic knowledge of models is not what my site is about. I’m interested in street fashion photography as art – and art can suffer when overly dissected or examined. I’m not interested in reading movie reviews…I’m interested in watching movies. xo

  • Anonymous

    I understand a lot of what you are saying and I was not attempting to “solve the mystery,” simply proving a point that, yes, we get it, models and super thin women who look perfect in anything are muses. I would like to think that women with real bodies and unique style are more interesting muses. I was also not trying to discount your site or street style shots because I check this site often and find it quite inspiring.

  • I love this 🙂 fun stuff!

  • Hi Anonymous – thanks for your follow-up comment. I’m sorry if I sounded as if I was lecturing you before. It’s just that every time I say that I spotted an amazing mystery girl…someone leaves a comment telling me who she is…and, umm thanks and all…but it would be a lot cooler if she could just remain a mystery. haha
    Your comment was mostly benign but it just seemed like the right time to get out these thoughts I was having. I wouldn’t write about these things at length on the top page of my blog…but the comments are often more conversational…so I left my thoughts in a comment.
    In the recent Vice magazine fashion issue, they were interviewing Ric Owens about his own wardrobe and his response was, “I’m not really into fashion.” He doesn’t elaborate a great deal about what he meant by this statement (maybe I should take a cue from him!), but it’s clear that he’s approaching fashion design as an art project – rather than being a purely fashion-obsessed type who can rattle off the date and season that Yves Saint Laurent first introduced Le Smoking. I think it’s fine to be fashion-obsessed…and to know lots of facts and details about things in general. I’m into fashion…I enjoy reading and knowing lots of facts and obscure info about things…but I know when to turn this side off as well…and just sort of wander around New York or London or Tokyo with my jaw on the ground looking at amazing stuff.
    One of my biggest inspirations for shooting streetstyle photos is an obscure and rare book from 1960’s England called “Birds of London”. It’s a really cool streetstyle photography book with loads of shots of all the mod, Twiggy-wannabe girls who were hanging out on the scene in London at the time. It’s basically loads of daytime shots on the street around the Carnaby Street shops and cafes. No one in the book is famous and few appear to be actual models. Looking at this book conjures up all of these thoughts in my head…things like…”Wow, this girl looks amazing, I wonder who she is?”…or “Just think, some of these girls have grandchildren now.” Or thinking and wondering about which ones of them may have ended up having great lives and which ones could even be dead. I really enjoy how looking at old photos can bring up this flood of thoughts and questions…BUT I have little desire to actually find the answers to these questions…the pleasure and emotion comes from just wondering. So…with this book always in the back of my mind…I’ve mostly avoided asking many questions of the girls that I shoot. I think secretly I would like to have some sort of exhibition in 20 or 30 years (when all of these photos really look cool and amazing and odd and dated) and I’ll sit back and look at my own photos and go, “Wow, I wonder who this girl was and whatever happened to her?” “She really looked cool.”

  • Anonymous

    STYLESIGHTINGS MAN, (cause I don’t know your real name)
    You’re very well spoken and it makes me appreciate you and your website that much more. 😀 I as well really liked your little poem. 😛

    I think the girl is gorgeous, but I do feel as though I’ve seen this same look everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice look.. (I would probably wear a similar outfit) I just don’t find it very original.

  • Glad you liked my silly poem! 🙂 My name is Eddie…but you can call me Stylesightings Man if you want.
    And yes, her look is a little common but I mean, come on, look at her…how could I resist taking her photo??

  • Anonymous

    you couldn’t resist, because she’s a model! (paid to be breathtaking) hahaha…just giving you a hard time Eddie.

  • Nadia

    Eddie – I’m a fan. You’re a talented photographer AND you’re so thoughtful and well-spoken. Thanks for providing such a great blog.

  • gilkr

    yeah, she has 3G! no, nothing with pretty girl’s smartphone but meaning Geek Girl’s Glasses!

  • (big fan of these shots & the blog in general, but!) glasses do not a geek make. just sayin’!

  • Anne

    I loved reading your thoughts as I feel the same, I love the sense of wonder and mystery and enthusiasm about life that kids have, but my grandfather also has, some people lose it as they get older, I hope I never do, love your pics!

  • I love her style. SO Simple !But she is a model?

  • Nina

    How can you post that?! I admire your blog, it’s my favourite one, but I’m really disappointed with your choice to post a picture of a clearly anorexic girl and idealize her as a “muse”. With all due respect to her style, she’s simply dying. And this is what eventually happens to those girls- they starve themselves to the point where they die. Her smile can’t hide her horrifying skinniness. Young girls are reading your blog and will see this and consider this “beautiful” and “inspiring”- and also become anorexic trying to live up to those cruel standarts. Fashion editors are making a living out of these distorted beauty standarts, but how can you do the same?! Yes, this is a fashion blog, not “fight against anorexia” blog, but you must have some sense of right and wrong!

  • First of all, I can’t help but be appalled by some of the people who leave awful comments just to annoy the post author… I don’t understand the point of completing a form just to express hate… Why don’t you just leave?

    Anyways.. Before reading the above annoying comments, I wanted to say… I am a bit jealous that I was dressed jsut like this today, only my jeans were plain old grey jbrand skinnies… Do you guys have any idea where her jeans are from… I want! 🙂


  • Vee

    To murry — and Nina in particular:

    Wow. I find your comment completely hyperbolic and a little offensive. I think you need to calm down for a second! You seem to be jumping on the “EVERY GIRL WHO IS SKINNY MUST STARVE HERSELF” bandwagon — something I see a LOT on fashion blogs whenever a photo of a skinny girl is posted. There’s a lot of hate out there and I find that really disappointing.

    Yes, while I agree that starving oneself for the sake of looks is very sad, unhealthy and a bad influence upon others — and should never be practised.

    However, please, please have an open mind. Just because this girl looks the way she does (which is just SKINNY), does not NECESSARILY mean she’s “anorexic” or “dying”. Some girls — in fact, much more than you would think — are just NATURALLY slim. I know this is hard to believe in the age of the obesity epidemic, but naturally skinny girls DO exist! I am one of them!

    I often receive comments about how I “don’t eat enough” or from people who are actually worried about my “eating habits”. Even more, I can be at the receiving end of quite derogatory statements just because of my weight. According to BMI standards I’m “underweight”, and indeed, I’m extremely petite and small boned. However, contrary to popular belief, I eat a LOT. I’m a very healthy girl who can eat MUCH more than the average person. I’m just lucky because of a) genes, and b) a fast metabolism.

    So just like some people can easy gain pounds through little effort, some girls lose those pounds just as easily. No matter how much I eat, I never gain any weight.

    So please, have an open mind, and do not berate the poster just because of this girl. The people photographed on this blog (and many other fashion blogs) are an assortment of normal, yet fashionable, individuals. Of all genders, weights, sizes & backgrounds. This girl is just one of them. We’re here to assess style, so let’s just appreciate hers.

  • Vee

    To the Stylesightings Man:

    I apologise for my rant! It’s just that I see this so much (skinny bashing) on all the fashion blogs I frequent, and it greatly saddens me. 🙁

    I love your site btw! 🙂 Very inspiring. Such a great mix of people and styles.

  • Oh My God. She is so beautiful. I am stunned.