CES Asia 2016: What we learned from the tech trade show
By Sandy Chu

The hugely successful Vegas tech exhibition is still in its infancy in Asia, but it’s making its mark. WGSN reports

May 20, 2016

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Ces Asia, the tech exhibition

Last week the second edition of CES Asia 2016 took place in Shanghai. Although this show is still in its infancy, the exhibition space was packed.

Since the Las Vegas show remains one of the hottest tech topics for Chinese social media and for business magazines such as CBN Weekly, post show we caught up with commercial and private drone company MOTA’s president and co-founder Michael Faro to get his thoughts on exhibiting. 

Michael Faro, MOTA Co-Founder

Michael Faro, MOTA president and co-founder

Is this your first time exhibiting at CES Asia?

This was our second year there.

What are your show takeaways, how does the Asia edition compare to Las Vegas?

There was constant foot traffic which was great! We were able to show our drones and other products to a record number of attendees, talk with them about where we’re headed, and understand their needs better.

Participating in CES Asia got us a lot closer to the many diverse markets in China for recreational and commercial drones.

What is the show good for as an exhibitor? What about for visitors?

As an exhibitor, it gives us the chance to bring brand awareness to Chinese markets. As a visitor it gives people a chance to see the very latest in American technology and an inside look at potential future products.

We participated on two panels, one for drones, the other for wearables. The questions and comments there helped our understanding of what people are looking for.

MOTA GIGA-6000 2

What was the interest in your product? 

The main interest at our booth was our paperclip-sized JETJAT Nano drone. Everyone was fascinated with the fact that we had a functioning drone of that size, let alone a high-performance one. We had visitors there from all over Asia and beyond.

What did you feel was missing from the show that you like to see added into future editions?

The show was run very well. We look forward to returning!

Would you show again?

Yes. I think CES Asia was a great experience and a great way to bring brand awareness to the Asia market and to understand what people need.

CES Asia 2017 will take place on June 7-9 for more info visit their website here

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