CES 2016: What’s new (and amazing) in wearables
By Sarah Housley

Wearables are the hot topic at tech trade show CES. WGSN Lifestyle and Interiors Editor Sarah Housley picks the standout pieces you need to know

Jan 08, 2016

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From next-generation tech to stylish smartwatches and fun jewellery, there are innovations here at CES in Las Vegas to suit just about every market. Here are four of the debuts that we’re particularly excited about.

Intel Curie

Intel’s Curie module

Intel devoted much of its press conference on Tuesday to the Curie, a tiny computing module that adds gesture control and interactivity to wearables and smart devices. The company has collaborated with musicians and designers to try Curie out in some different ways – including interactive dresses and music that you make through movement – and next up is a project with Lady Gaga (can’t wait). Wearables have the potential to do so much more than sit on your wrist and transmit alerts from your phone, and technology like Curie is what will get them to the next level.


Samsung’s Charm jewellery

Samsung’s booth includes an area dedicated to a jewellery tech concept (not launching any time soon) with the working title Charm. It’s gorgeous: a slim, stretchable plastic bracelet topped with a precious stone-like sensor, in rose gold or pale grey. The sensor comes out of the bracelet casing, so you can slot it into a ring or onto a pendant too. Unlike most jewellery tech, it’s subtle and versatile enough that you wouldn’t get bored of it after a few wears. Here’s hoping it makes it to market without too many changes.


Huawei’s Watch

In an increasingly crowded and homogeneous market, Huawei‘s smart watch stands out for its simplicity. It’s easy to use, has genuinely useful functions, and looks beautiful too: there are a wide range of straps available, and when the watch-face mode is showing, you’d be hard-pressed to figure out that it is a smart watch and not a classic timepiece. The ad campaign, fronted by Karlie Kloss, is also a winner, putting it firmly in the fashion space.


Gemio’s interactive bracelet

Finally, a wearable that brings some much-needed fun into the category. Gemio is designed for teens, and it’s all about interaction: described as “the friendship jewellery of the future” by Refinery 29, the bracelets light up and vibrate when your friends are near by. You can customise its displays via the MyGemio app, and the bracelets can also be programmed to react to gestures, lighting up when you wave or shake hands.

WANT MORE? Watch the Jewellery Tech Trend Minute for more insight into this fast-growing category.




CES 2016: What's new (and amazing) in wearables

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