Celebrity Fashion: Teen Choice Awards

Today I noticed that Stylesight’s Celebrity Fashion category had been updated with tons of pictures from the recent Teen Choice Awards. I didn’t even know who most of these tiny celebs were, and I don’t particularly care who won. My concerns are two: what people wore and promoting anything Michael Cera is a part of. And so…


The cast of ‘Superbad’, looking awesome! Do you see Michael Cera and his tie? He’s so cute I want to punch him in the face. Go see this movie if laughing is something you’re into doing. It’s pure comedy gold.


Speaking of comedy gold, here’s recently married Avril Lavigine, the Peter Pan of horrible radio rock. Grow up! Get a new stylist! I also want to punch her in the face, but for very different reasons, one of which is the fact that when I was in Korea, my co-teachers forced me to sing “Skater Boy” every time we went to norae-bang (karaoke) because I’m an American and don’t we all looooove Avril Lavigne? No.


Dane Cook can’t believe how awesome his life turned out. Neither can I. Oh and Jessica Alba looks great. Whatevs.


Oh Jason Lee, thank you. I’ll gladly pay whatever you’re charging for moustache rides.


Care to find a flaw with the ridiculously named Megan Fox? Check out her trashy Marilyn Monroe tattoo! Man, I feel better. She may be prettier/richer/all around happier than me, but at least my tattoos don’t suck.


I love picturing Snoop Dogg at events such as this. I imagine he’s supernice and laid-back, and just takes all the craziness in. I mean really, the man is wearing sweatpants! Oh god I absolutely love him.

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