Celeb Double Take: Cannes Film Festival

The three-week red carpet extravaganza known as the Cannes Film Festival is underway right now and the celebs are out in full force. Stylesight’s Celebrity Fashion category is growing every day as the stars come out to strike copious poses in both casual daytime wear and formal get-ups. Who cleans up well and who looks better in their comfy jeans? It’s time for a Celeb Double Take!


Mother of the Year Angelina Jolie looks incredibly polished in this pencil skirt and belted blouse combo and it’s nice to see that temptress mane let loose for a change. On the red carpet, the future Mrs. Pitt plays it safe in a little black dress, with predictably boring results, even for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD. Also, does anyone else fear for the safety of her bones? Look at those fragile foal legs!


Yellow is not what I would typically call a ‘flattering color.’ but in white heels and this perfect sundress, Rosario Dawson is the classy embodiment of all things summer. On the opposite end of the spectrum is this see-through floor-length number. Had a mother and not a stylist dressed Ms. Dawson, she wouldn’t have been allowed to leave her hotel room. I mean really, a red strapless bra? C’mon!


Jude Law’s idea of dressing up is the addition of a vest to his usual jeans, t-shirt and blazer ensemble. Fine by me!


Ladies and gentlemen: the fashion train wreck known as Jessica Simpson! This all black outfit is so close to being decent, it hurts. One feels a tiny glimmer of hope. And then, of course, she ruins everything by dying her hair blonde again and channeling Sapphire Mermaid Barbie. Powerful people of Hollywood please do the world a favor and stop letting Jessica Simpson be famous so that I don’t have to look at her fake’n bake skin and vacant eyes everywhere I go. I’m begging you.


I’ve loved Sarah Polley since her Disney channel Avonlea days, and her recent directional debut looks fantastic. But apparently her talent does not extend into the realm of fashion, unless high school circa 1993 is the look she’s going for. You know, back when the Gap was still cool and up-dos were de rigueur for prom? Yeah, I tried to forget too.

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  • alexander leger

    ash, i’m sorry to say that you just jinxed yourself… matel is totally gonna end up using j. simpson to make a sapphire mermaid barbie. it’s all thanks to you.

  • catherine

    not sure if i should admit this, but i totally loved sarah polley, LOVED avonlea and all things prince edward island as a little girl… i’m glad there was someone else outside of my my sister and myself that felt that love.

    as for her dressy look — it’s totally romy and michelle. not in a good way.

  • ‘bias

    Jessica, lady… those be some hips. Srsly, have a kid already.

  • Amy Dufour

    If you think Jessica Simpson is a fashion trainwreck, what does that make Britney Spears?

  • A shipwreck.

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