Catwalk season: A wellness survival guide

 With New York Fashion Week coming to a close – and still three more cities to go – finding time for self-care and uncovering new tips to decompress is top of mind for the WGSN team. According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the wellness industry grew more than 10% between 2013 and 2015, reaching $3.7 trillion in value. Consumer interest and demand, for everything from meditation and mindfulness to macrobiotic bowls and pressed juices, is driving this growth. What’s more, consumers are searching for more personalised services or those that go beyond the surface of current self-care trends. We tested out three different wellness trends to spotlight the latest treatments worth trying.

As if the New York City subway didn’t make us sweat enough this summer, we decided to give an infrared sauna a go. While there are a few options popping up around the city, Shape House offers sessions in a cocoon-like bed so you get to lay down and watch Netflix or HBO while you eagerly wait for the 55 minutes to be over. With over 16,000 claimed benefits to infrared sweat sessions – think better sleep, weight loss, and releasing toxic chemicals – the practice dates back to Ancient Greek times where they practiced sweating as a form of wellness restoration for both the mind and body. The treatment is designed to fully warm the body from inside-out in a safe and effective way, reaching temperatures of around 70 degrees Celsius.

People quickly forget that the face has 43 muscles in it. We spend so much time stretching, toning and massaging our body muscles that we forget about our head! Meet FaceGym: a non-invasive facial workout that exercises and tones the face. Starting in London by former beauty journalist, Inge Theron, the treatments offered combine different face massages and muscle workouts aimed at tightening, sculpting and hydrating.

Their signature electrical workout, for example, helps one to rediscover their cheekbones with Gua Sha sculpting and restore skin’s elasticity with a device that gives off a mild electric current.

For busy Millennials on-the-go, there are other options that can travel with you. Concierge nutritionists are emerging to provide busy professionals with quick and custom wellness solutions. Soul Wellness Method founded by holistic celebrity nutritionist, Shauna Faulisi aims to educate clients in improving their overall nutrition intake and wellbeing. Shauna is flexible with her offering – she knows her clients lives and schedules change rapidly – providing things like eight week nutrition coaching programmes, tailor-made recipes, and custom schedules that list nearby restaurants and what the client should even order. She also works with some clients via text so they can send her a picture of a menu to advise them on the right meal to eat.

In an interview with Shauna, she mentioned small changes you can make to invest in your overall wellness. Things like ensuring you grab your coffee from small batch, single origin spots – as some larger chains have bigger batches and can start collecting mould. Her tips vary client to client and touch on subjects like eating to your menstrual cycle to make sure your choices sink into your body’s natural rhythm.

When it comes to the non-dairy trend, her latest update was to avoid oat milk and lean towards sugar-free almond, coconut or hemp milk. “It’s the lowest nutritional value of all of the dairy-free milks. It could contain gluten and it contains rapeseed oil aka canola oil which is heated at high heats and bleached, usually covered in pesticides, and is extremely inflammatory in human bodies. The last thing your want to be doing during your busy week!”

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