My week in pictures: Green juice, denim pinafores and Wilderness
By Carla Buzasi

Festival bliss followed by inevitable post-festival juicing – WGSN Global Chief of Content Carla Buzasi shares her week in pictures

Aug 14, 2015

Carla Buzasi pictures

The week started with champagne and Wilderness – a gorgeous festival in Oxford – continued with the inevitable post-festival green juice splurge and ended with debuting my latest denim buy: a pinafore. A colleague suggested teaming it with a shirt, but as I have a (previously mentioned) aversion to ironing, I opted for a stripy tee. More Where’s Wally than anything else? You decide…

carla buzasi

Wilderness, where even the invitations are ridiculously pretty…


carla buzasi

Champagne, under a canopy, in a field = complete bliss

carla buzasi

Back to reality: Post-festival mandatory juicing

carla buzasi

Days later and still dreaming about the food at Wilderness

Carla Buzasi

#TodayImWearing: This pinafore – on a personal mission to find the perfect design…

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