Calico Wallpaper announces its debut fashion line
By Gemma Riberti

You can now wear your favourite wallpaper thanks to the new limited edition fashion collection from Calico Wallpaper. WGSN Senior Editor of Lifestyle and Interiors Gemma Riberti reports

Jan 05, 2016

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So many times we look at artwork, upholstery or interior décor and think about how well that would look on us as a garment or an accessory – and now, if you love the beautiful designs by Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper as much as we do, you will be thrilled to know they have introduced a limited edition fashion collection.


Developed in partnership with Williamsburg concept store Swords-Smith and Print All Over Me, the gorgeous motifs of Calico Wallpaper can now clad the bodies of both women and men.



For this first edition, comprising shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, scarves, sweatshirts and coats, they focused on their gold marbled Wabi and Night Slate patterns as well as a few colour variations of their signature Aurora gradient.


The pieces are simple and classic in cut, allowing the print to take centre stage, and they are sold exclusively at Swords-Smith both online and in-store – where, adding to the fun, an installation of wallpaper backdrops has been set up so customers can play and camouflage into the wall, for the perfect all-round immersive shopping experience.


Get ready to play the chic chameleon at parties!

WGSN_Calico_Soft Pop

This collaboration is just the latest great example of the growing and ongoing conversation between the fashion and the interiors world: we have been talking plenty about these blurred borders recently, reporting on the cross-pollination with print inspiration and trend analysis.

Explore the entire Lifestyle & Interiors section dedicated to the interrelation between these two worlds called Fashion Connection, where catwalks meet interiors by joining WGSN.

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