Caleidoscopio Màgico (AKA the best playground in the world)
By Gemma Riberti

Mirrors, colours, textures and nature collide in this unique space where kids become part of a life-sized kaleidoscope, says WGSN Senior Editor of Lifestyle & Interiors Gemma Riberti

Jul 28, 2015


Who doesn’t remember with nostalgia that magical tool from our childhood, the kaleidoscope? With its seemingly infinite worlds unfolding inside a colourful cardboard tube…

I know I do, and probably the kaleidoscope represents one of the strongest influences in developing my passion for pattern, colour and oneiric interiors. So, when I found out about the Caleidoscopio Màgico playground in Mallorca, I pushed taking a visit to the top of my wish list.



Its concept is simple yet brilliant. It was created to repurpose an ex-squash court into a playing area as part of Hotel Castell dels Hams, also built by the same architecture firm that dreamed up Caleidoscopio Magico, A2Arquitectos.

It’s main feature? A hexagonal tube crossing the self-standing pavilion from wall to wall, clad in reflective panels that interact with the park outside, natural light and – above all – the children inside it, who become the living component of the kaleidoscope.



The playground also has other rooms painted in bright colours and patterns which are part of the structure and provide even more new worlds to explore.

The use of spaces, colour, reflections, textures and light stimulates all the senses – from the eye to the mind and especially the imagination, spurred to interact and get lost in the multi-dimensional playground for an unforgettable and always new experience.

The best part? Grown-ups are allowed to walk in and take part to the fun too. Or they can survey what is happening in the kaleidoscope thanks to another equally historically-inspired system – the periscope.




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