Cadence Rolls into Dover Street Market

Stylesight had the chance to talk shop with Dustin Klein of Cadence last week, for the debut of his first installation and collection at Dover Street Market in London.

“The latest exhibition to arrive at DSM is Cadence, a lifestyle cycling brand.  It was founded by Dustin Klein in 2003, from San Francisco’s Messenger Culture. The exhibition, “One begets the other”, provides a perspective on the inner workings of Dustin Klein’s balance of process. Hand painted canvas walls serve as a boundary (both physically and metaphysically) that surround the more restrained and functional works of Klein’s clothing designs. The Cadence brand is based on the idea of unrestrained creative energy, and exploring boundaries between functionality, concept, and cycling. It has established a strong following of style forward individuals & cyclists. The range includes hooded tops, T-shirts and sweaters and also extends into water bottles, tool pouches and sling bags, of which DSM has been given a unique selection.” 

SS. How did Cadence come about?

DK. I started the brand in 2003 as cycling lifestyle apparel, everything is built as cycling functional. I am an avid cyclist, so everything is designed off of function for usage. I did everything solo for 7 years and made all the pieces – a one man band – shipping, printing, designing, the whole thing. I started the brand in San Francisco and moved to Seattle, did Fast Friday, and all the while the brand has been organically growing bit by bit. It wasn’t until I moved back to San Fran two years later and partnered up with a guy in LA who has an apparel background with Skate Industry – so that was where the knowledge and resources came from to finally jump into cut and sew. And now through the process of the brand becoming more established, I’ve been focusing more making artwork under the alias of DKlein, which is Dustin Klein.

SS. How did the project with Dover St Market come about?

DK. This project happened through my friend Monique who does a magazine called Champ Fest and she works here at Dover St. Exhibiting the collection here was a good example of the separation of Cadence and DKlein – with the cycling line from Cadence and then the art installation and backdrop by DKlein. This is a path I see myself growing more and more towards in the future. I don’t want to just make clothing, it’s fun for sure, but I want to see what I can do with visuals and becoming more conceptual and less structured.

SS. Is this the first time for you launching an installation of this kind, or have you done anything similar in the states?

DK. The first one I probably did was Cadence as a box truck, which we built the inside out to be a mobile store and I did an installation within the store with a similar style to DSM. Then for one night only we drove it to a busy street in SF called Valancia, parked it, and had a pop up show and art gallery in the back of the truck. The show was called Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.

 SS. How do you see functional cycling product developing?

DK. I see it getting better, as brands get bigger they will have more resources and it will get more technical for performance, more athlete focused and progression, which is inevitable but it’s hard to tell what the future will be because stuff will recoil. A good example is everyone is that everyone (the majority) wears a Vans slip on. This is a very basic, low technology shoe and there are shoes that have way more technology in performance than those but people don’t give a sh*t. Style, cheap, function, it works. With technical apparel you are faced with more challenges, like rainwear gets to be a whole other set of problems to solve.

SS. Maybe we can get a little insight into the growth of the brand, as well as any future plans or collaborations.

DK. The denim and jackets are ideas I had for years but I never had the resources so I was so limited and now I’ve finally been able to do that and its really fun to be able to mess with techniques that are so more advanced than I was originally able to do. And then the future, there are still things I want to do, its all about growing steadily and jump into different categories, like rainwear, baggage and footwear is something I’m looking to expand into. I’ve done several collaborations and we’re looking into developing some other ones right now. But I would look into doing my own shoe if that was a possibility, or working with Nike because of the resource base, but also Vans because that’s what everybody wants.

Check out a full recap of the Purpose Perplex collection below – Jeanine Pesce + Sam Trotman

Cadence Collection: Purpose Perplex from cadence studios on Vimeo.

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Cadence Rolls into Dover Street Market

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