Byron Bay Falls Festival: here’s 17 of the best street style looks
By Samantha Aldenton

From the Australian music festival that kicked off 2016 along the country’s east coast, WGSN’s Sam Aldenton was there to capture all the best street style

Jan 21, 2016

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Byron Bay Falls Festival: 17 of the best street style looks

Falls Festival is the three day event that kicks off the year for many young Australians along the country’s east coast. Each year the music festival is held simultaneously at Byron Bay in Queensland, Marion Bay in Tasmania, and Lorne in Victoria with acts like Courtney Barnett, Disclosure, Foals and Bloc Party playing against the stunning natural bush landscape.

Stopping home in my native Australia over the Christmas break I decided to join the hoard of 16,000 other revelers that flooded the gates of the Byron Bay leg each day. Getting more than I bargained for in great music, I also got a strong dose of exceptionally unique Australian style.

With many international fast fashion retailers like H&M and Topshop having set up shop in Australia within the last year I was expecting to see more of the encroaching homogeneous style that these retailers have heralded at other festivals across the Northern Hemisphere but was pleased to find the Aussies were bringing some fresh style to the festival circuit.

A number of the girls were first of all spotted nonchalantly wearing these cool Fisherman caps while about half of the guys in attendance donned -surprisingly to my non-native eyes- every kind of felt fedora hat under the strong Aussie sun.

Doc Marten 8-eyelet boots were still stuck on the soles of girls across the festival and off-the-shoulder tops were a must have. Minimal denim overalls in anything but blue and matching printed sets were the key items for girls.

On the other hand for guys, clashing prints and an overall 70s vibe in styling were the main takeaways. They also got extra points for all the long hair that seemed to be a pretty ubiquitous festival accessory.

See all of the trends below.


















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