7 business tips for a happier life from kikki.K founder Kristina Karlsson

Business tips from kristina

Business tips and the importance of journaling

Two years ago on WGSN Insider we wrote about how a beautiful stationery line was going viral on YouTube. The founder of this line was Kristina Karlsson, and the products were called kikki.K. Fast forward to 2017 and this brand continues to rise in popularity, with close to 100 stores in 5 countries, stocking some of the most beautiful stationery we’ve seen. And since at WGSN Insider, we’re always intrigued by the success of small businesses and the people behind the,  we went to meet Kristina to find out more about the morning rituals that helped her build her business and the goals that she’s setting for the next year and beyond.

For people who run huge global businesses, morning routines matter. We’ve all read that Anna Wintour starts her morning with a game of tennis at 5:45 am, Richard Branson is up at 5 for exercise and Arianna Huffington doesn’t need an alarm to wake up. For Kristina, a morning routine has even more significance because it’s how she started her business, writing down on a sheet of paper at 3am that she wanted to be her own boss, and create a Swedish design store, and love what she was doing.

“I don’t get up at 3am any more, but I definitely think that a morning routine matters, now I get up at 5am and have what I call my holy hour,” this hour allows her to journal and get clear for the day ahead.

Stationery founder Kristina


Below are her business tips for a happier life:

1. Love what you do. This was a point that I wrote down on my 3am list and it’s still so true today.

2. Set goals and look at them so that you can take actions daily. I always say start by setting 3 goals and then 7 actions that you can create around them to get things moving. And prioritize too, I always like to think of the 3 projects each quarter that will make the most difference to the business.

3. Don’t take no for answer, say how can we find a solution? When I was setting up my first store I was waiting for the product to arrive the night before and the delivery guy said he might not make it in time. I told him that I would wait all night and I took his mobile number to stay connected the whole time. It worked and we were able to open on schedule, better yet, since we’d created a working relationship, we worked with that delivery company for a long time afterward, so the experience was a win-win for us both.

4. Never stop learning. This can be anything from reading 10 pages of a book a day to listening to a podcast or audio book.

5. Surround yourself with great people. This is important in business and in your personal life, I started a book club with friends just for this reason.

6. Treat your body as your best friend, there will always be things that want your attention, but make sure that you make time to eat well and stay active.

7. Journal. When I was younger I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and it suggests that you just start writing, don’t think about it or analyse it, just create a writing routine. So I wake up and start writing, and then I burn it afterward, that way I know I can write freely without anyone seeing it or judging it afterwards. When I’m doing this unconscious writing I swap between Swedish and English, and just pour out everything I’m feeling, whether it’s a problem at work, or just a long train of thought. I have no filter and it feels great. Journaling is also a wonderful way to put your fears and any risks you are worrying about down on paper so you can explore how they are keeping you stuck, and then you can move forward.

Find out more about the Kikki.K products here.



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