Burton Rail Days – Tokyo
By Clare Varga

Stylesight was on-hand to take in the third annual Burton Rail Days in Tokyo, Japan.

Nov 25, 2013


November 16th marked the 3rd annual Burton Rail Days in Tokyo, Japan.  Fans of all ages gathered to take in the action in the middle of the large shopping district known as Roppongi Hills Arena. Stylesight was on-hand to take in the best looks on fans and riders alike.

Stylish attendees donned everything from lots of layers to an abundance of print and pattern. Accessories and thought-out details were key as fans were decked out head to toe. Traditional plaids, colorful blanket motifs and mixed materials continued to be winter staples as they mix with modern striping and outdoor footwear.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the post covering the trends spotted on the kids at the event over on the SMALL TALK blog!

-Erin Mintun

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