Brand To Watch: Forestin’ Gear
By Samuel Trotman

We love new expedition denim brand, Forestin Gear, from Japan.

Mar 07, 2013


We love it when we discover a new brand that we love. It doesn’t happen that often but this past Las Vegas trade show week, we came across a lot of great brands and denim talent.

One of our favorite names was Japanese Forestin’ Gear. We noticed them last season at the Capsule trade show, but the brand were in their infancy and only had a limited amount of product. For F/W 13, however, everything has changed!

Being a Japanese brand and based out of the famed Okayama denim region, it made sense that Forestin’ Gear would explore denim within their range, but when we saw the F/W 13 stand at the most recent Capsule show, we were very pleasantly surprised! The brand has decided to entirely focus on indigo-on-indigo looks, all with an expedition-ready attitude.

The brand first emerged as an outdoors and expedition goods brand in May 2007, but thisĀ  move to use solely denim was a recent decision. All garments are super functional with down-filled and quilted surfaces, utilitarian pockets, functional drawstrings, and storm-flaps incorporated into the designs. Indigo color blocking is also key to the range, as the brand use several shades of blues from deep and saturated indigo to barely-there and washed out hues.

The artwork and photography that the brand uses to accompany these multi-shade pieces is similarly indigo-centric and evocative of the outdoorsy-element of the brand. Snow-covered mountains, wooded cabins, and forests perfectly conjure the feeling of expedition-wear. The stand out piece in the collection is a floor-length down-filled parka and the mid-Winter coat is the brand’s focus, but other standout pieces include a cargo pant and a multi-pieced hunting vest.

They are currently looking for US distribution so watch out for them over the next couple of seasons; we think they’ll be appearing all the coolest stores pretty soon!

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