Blogger Thassia Naves on fashion, social media and brand building

One of the biggest and most influential bloggers in Brazil (maybe the world) Thassia Naves started with her style blog and has gone on to create a huge fan base and social media profile, her 2.2m followers on Instagram can attest to that.

We caught up with the style blogger to find out more about her personal style, how she transformed her blog into an entrepreneurial business and became such a social media influencer.
When did you set up your website and when did you realise people were resonating with your personal style?

I set up my website over five years ago now and I started to realise I was connecting with people about a few months into it. I started to post more frequently, showcasing favourite outfits and go to items. From then on I started to get brands approaching me and that showed me they were interested in what I was posting and this helped my website grow to what it is today.

Do you like being able to share new, upcoming Brazilian designers with your global followers?

I love being able to share Brazilian designers with the rest of the world. Brazil is my home country, even though I don’t spend as much time here anymore as I am always on a plane travelling somewhere. Showcasing the talent that we have here is amazing, we have such creative souls in Brazil and letting others into what we have is great.

How has Instagram made fashion more accessible? And how does it allow you to connect with fans?

Instagram is such a visual platform so having fashion posts makes it easier for followers to see what is going on. People leave comments on what they have liked, which also makes you want to connect with them and thank them for their loyalty and feedback. Instagram means I can post outfits and tag where they are from as well, leading to more interaction with fans and followers.

There’s been a lot recently in the papers about using Instagram but being authentic- how do you choose the images you use? How long does it take to get the right image? Why do you think people resonate with your images?

I usually decide on the pictures I will upload based on what I am up to on that particular day. If I ever feel inspired when I see something beautiful or interesting then I am always excited to share this with my followers. Since I travel a lot, finding inspiration is never really a problem! I have seen so many beautiful parts of the world and I am always very grateful for these opportunities and it also doesn’t take long to get the right image, as I got used to it!

I think my followers resonate with my images because they know I am being authentic and posting what I like more than what I have to like and post. I know what my followers are interested in and I don’t adhere to any strict posting rules! Fashion is meant to be fun, so if it’s interesting and feels right then I’ll follow my gut and post it.

How did the partnership with Farfetch come about?

The partnership came about as my blog and Instagram became more popular, so they asked me to be one of their ambassadors at Farfetch; I have my own online shop inside Farfetch where I choose every week different pieces that I love. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity they have given me, it’s a lot of fun.

Favourite app: Snapchat or Instagram?

Ooh this is such a difficult question. I can’t live without either of them, as there is something from both apps that the other doesn’t provide. I love Instagram as it is where I get a lot of interaction from my followers and I get to know what they like and what they may not like me posting – I know they love to see what I am wearing. However Snapchat gives you a small glimpse into what I am up to in my everyday adventures – on the go. So difficult to answer.

Favourite current catwalk trend?

I fall in love with the majority of catwalk trends every season, so this question is always so tricky – definitely the most difficult decision to make during the fashion season. However this season I completely fell in love with the catwalk pieces from the Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana collection. They’re always ahead with the trends each season.

Favourite item in your closet?

I just bought a small orange Hermes bag that I am completely in love with- it’s my favourite accessory at the moment.

What do you have planned for the future with your site?

I plan on continuing to grow my website and I’m redesigning the whole layout at the moment. I will continue my interactions by still posting outfits that I am absolutely in love with, experiences, trips etc. I do try and live in the present though, so I don’t like to think too far ahead into the future as all we have is now. However I would love to keep growing my business and visibility and be genuinely happy with everything I have around me.

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