Blogger Darcy Fogg on: strategy, driving engagement & brand partnerships

Blogger Darcy Fogg on brand partnerships

Blogger Darcy Fogg on brand partnerships

Last week we caught up with blogger Darcy Fogg (check out part 1 of our chat here). After discussing the importance of Instagram, the evolution of her website and filling us in on some travel hotspots, blogger Darcy Fogg shares insight with WGSN Insider’s Alice Gividen in part 2 of her interview – explaining more in depth how to grow an audience and develop brand partnerships.

Darcy has successfully collaborated with and built brand partnerships

Building a following as well as driving engagement is key to becoming an influencer.  Do you have any advice on how to grow an audience?

Once you hit a certain level, you really have to pay attention to analytics, particularly the Instagram posts that are driving people through to your site. You have to consider why the post has had that effect and fine-tune your content accordingly. In the beginning, however, those analytics aren’t going to tell you much. As you start out, you have to be consistent – consistency is absolutely the key. You have to decide how frequently you’re going to post and do not deviate from that. As people discover you, they’re going to want more and expect it regularly.

 More established bloggers are much easier for people to discover. Followers have the added benefit of being able to trawl through months or even years of old content – if you’re going to compete with that, being consistent and committed across your site and your social channels is a must.


When did you first realise that you had a product that brands would be interested in working with?

It actually happened when brands first started approaching me and it happened more quickly than I expected. It started with beauty brands, which surprised me as I hadn’t done beauty posts before. It came through Instagram, comments from brands about loving the way I did my make-up and whether I’d consider trying certain products. My response is always the same-  that I have to try the product first and then we can start a conversation.

 Once you work with one beauty brand, it’s a windfall. The beauty industry is run by the power of word of mouth and now word of mouth is digital. I think it’s important to reach out to brands as you’re starting out. In this age of blogging and digital influencers, ‘micro-influencers’ are increasingly common. These are bloggers who may not have hundreds of thousands of followers but the ones they do have are really devoted and engaged. Brands are absolutely looking to work with people with followers who really listen, regardless of a smaller reach.


Darcy partnering with Jord Watches for Fogg of Fashion

How is your relationship with brands established and sustained?

I always try to say yes to things that really make sense for my brand (I probably really over-think it!) I’d much rather not receive a handbag if it doesn’t feel genuine to me or I know I will never use it personally. I tend to want to build a long-term relationship if I’m working with someone.

It’s an interesting process with travel – is it somewhere I really want to go? Is it somewhere I’d really stay? If a hotel is going to cover the cost of my stay, would I pay for it? It’s a really considered process for me and I think that’s the key. It’s so easy to say yes to everything and then you’d just end up doing yourself a disservice. You have to remember that you’re constantly building a trust relationship with your audience.

Lastly, we’re big on the future at WGSN – what’s next for you?

So we just rebranded as Fogg of Fashion – we’ve built this website which has been a huge, huge labour of love and undertaking. Feedback so far has been really great; I’ve shown it to a few people here in London and they’ve said it has a Vogue-y feel to it (which was the greatest compliment ever!) Next, for us, is incorporating video. I have a journalistic background, so I really love the challenge of editing and producing video content. As we do even amounts of fashion and travel, video is everything. That’s how, I think, people can really understand a place. There’s such a difference between reading my list of recommendations and visually coming on a trip with me.

 Video definitely adds a degree of authenticity. Even beauty tutorial videos can be very polished and edited – I want to juxtapose these with vlogs that seem more organic. I was given a GoPro for Christmas and spent this Spring skiing, bounding down the mountain whilst trying to talk to the camera- silly, but it’s real. I want to incorporate real experiences into Fogg of Fashion.


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