Blogger Darcy Fogg on being an Instagram influencer

Instagram Influencer Darcy Fogg

From her time spent training at Le Cordon Bleu through to a journalism course at universe and running her own catering company, Darcy Fogg seems to have done everything. Her latest incarnation? Digital Influencer. WGSN’s Alice Gividen caught up with Darcy in our London offices to talk about growing her travel & fashion blog from the ground up, building a following and, of course, some of her favourite travel spots. Look out for part 2 of the interview here.

When did you set up your website & what was the initial motivation?

Honestly it started as a little bit of a ‘journal’ telling my story about my time spent at cookery school here in London. It was initially called ExPatisserie and just stemmed from my natural interests, which were food and fashion – it simply took off from there. It was absolutely a hobby at first. Cookery school was a very high-pressured, high-energy environment and the blog was a great way for me to decompress and get my thoughts out.

So from there, how did it evolve?

I think it noticeably evolved when I went back to New York. I’d just set up my own catering company and it grew to encompass wedding and event planning. People seemed to really want to see the ‘behind-the-scenes’ element of my business – from what goes in to choosing the perfect wedding dress through to the beautiful events that I was creating. So through weddings and fashion, it really morphed. Now, in the newest form of the blog, the food element has really taken a backseat to fashion and travel. In terms of how I’ve evolved, I’ll often go back a year to see what I was doing, what I was writing and it’s always surprising to see myself taking pictures a certain way or posting things I wouldn’t dream of posting now. It’s kind of the fun part, though – I get to see how much I’ve grown.  

Over 40,000 people follow Darcy on Instagram as she travels and blogs her way around the world.

Obviously, you have a strong following on Instagram, is that platform something you value as much or maybe even more than the core content of your website? And which allows better accessibility to your followers?

The way Instagram has changed the blogging industry has been fascinating. The one thing I notice in analytics is that people really like to stay within one platform, so if they’ve discovered you on Instagram and that’s where they follow you, they typically want to stay within your feed. Instagram stories has the added benefit of allowing followers to see what you’re doing up to the minute. If someone finds me on Instagram and gets used to following me there, they’ll stay there. As a result, some of our affiliate networks such as rewardStyle have the ‘LiketoKnow.it’ app – every time you like or screenshot an image where I’ve linked details of my outfit, the details are sent to you via email, so it’s possible to shop within the platform.

 I’ve always put a lot of time, effort and artistry into my website and I now have to do that with Instagram as well. There’s an overwhelming amount of beautiful, great content on Instagram and it means you have to up your game. Instagram can’t just be an add-on anymore. However, I do still think for me, personally, it’s not just a stand-alone product and it can still act as a lead in to my blog, particularly people who follow me for travel inspiration. These followers typically want to know more details and will head deeper into my blog. What someone is interested in me for determines how they follow and interact with me.  

 However, I do find that followers seem to feel much more comfortable messaging me and reaching out via Instagram than on my website. I think perhaps it feels more conversational and personal, and it’s a platform that they’re familiar with.

If you had to choose, Snapchat or Instagram? 

I’m an Instagram stories girl! I’m totally guilty of popping onto Snapchat, stealing the filters and then posting those images onto Instagram. For me, Snapchat use is much more personal and occasional, whereas Instagram is far more relevant to my brand.

Do you have a favourite current travel destination?

I actually just planned a wonderful trip to the South of France with my husband. It’s one of my all-time favourite places to visit right through spring, summer and into autumn, so it has a lovely long season. We’re AirBnb-ing and we’re even taking my dogs (they have pet passports at the ready!)

As you travel around – is there a standout place that you always go back to? 

I just love eating at the bar at Scott’s in Mayfair. I can’t be in London without visiting. Every time I go back, it’s always bustling, it has a great energy and still feels like the hot spot in town. The food is spectacular, the location is amazing and I just love to cosy up to the bar – I used to happily eat there by myself when I was studying here.

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