BERLIN: Bosco – three reasons to definitely visit this restaurant
By Zuzanna Butkiewicz

Unexpected ingredient combinations and really, really remarkable style make this restaurant inspiring enough to warrant a visit, reports WGSN correspondent Zuzanna Butkiewicz

Jul 29, 2015


We may have discovered the best Italian restaurant in Berlin. It has incredible style, a joyfully tasty menu and a focus on detail that’s rare to say least. Need your arm twisted a bit more? Here’s why if you’re in Berlin, you should be at Bosco

City: Berlin

Where: BOSCO, Wrangelstr 42 10997 / 49 30 69567079

What: Eat & Drink

Three reasons we loved it…

The divine food (obviously): The restaurant’s two Italian “fathers” – Federico Testa and Francesco Righi – use a traditional four-course formula comprising antipasti, primi, secondi and dessert. The renowned Chef de Cuisine Jacopo Ghiggini works with basic ingredients delivered every day – mostly from Italy – which he combines unpredictably to create new tastes. Take the richness of the raw tuna with coconut soup. An unexpected duo, yes, but is it delicious? Completely. However, flavour isn’t the only outstanding element of each dish – every plate is so beautifully presented, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it is work of art-like.



The stylish interior: “Bosco” means forest in Italian, which somehow justifies the interior’s eclecticism. From the rough floor, which looks like a canvas covered in scraped off paint to the chessboard tiles, it mingles different ideas to create a well-balanced and trendy space. Folklore murals sit alongside rustic wooden tables and flowers adorn every corner. Also notable are huge “Bosco” neon and kitsch porcelain cheetah behind the bar.



The attention to detail: It comes as no surprise that the restaurant’s art direction created by the masters of visual finishing, Michela Picchini and Margot Pandone. Indeed, what makes the place so special is the fact everything is so precise.

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BERLIN: Bosco - three reasons to definitely visit this restaurant

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