Bedford Beauties


Hey – I shot these photos on Bedford Ave. today. I once asked the DJ Larry Tee how he liked living in Williamsburg and he said, “Oh I love it over here – everyone is so cute!”









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  • Hey I think you shot me this day too,
    I would love to see the pictures


  • Lisa Turtle

    Since when is putting on as many mismatching, ill-fitting clothes as you possibly can (like a homeless person), stylish? I bet Coco is turning in her grave right now.

  • Yes – but style and fashion is a many-headed monster. I love Chanel but I also love Seditionaries and Marc Jacobs grunge collection and many other heads of the fashion hydra. Many well-thought of collections have featured mismatched styling – even Marc’s most recent show in NYC featured lots of mismatched plaids piled on top of each other. The influence of pop music movements like punk and grunge have been huge on contemporary fashion. This influence often manifests itself in ways that look mismatched, ripped, borrowed, vintage, and ill-fitting. Coco herself was closely associated with the flapper movement. Flappers were looked down upon by many as trendy, hedonistic, dime-a-dance party girls – the female hipsters of their day. Would Coco be rolling in her grave – or would that merely be her swiveling and shaking to the Bedford Ave. bar scene? Areas like Williamsburg and Brick Lane are where fashion trends start. Beautiful, expensive, and glamorous clothes are wonderful – but don’t forget the street! xo

  • The fact that you honestly believe Coco would be associated with such rubbish is very sad. This is not glamorous, it is a joke. The truly glamorous people of the world wear classic, flattering pieces; what they do not do, is spend obscene amounts of money to look like they went dumpster diving for their outfits. Then again, with that freak Karl Lagerfeld completely ruining the image of Chanel and Marc Jacobs designing after some heavy meth binges, I’m not surprised there’s so many suckers who buy into it.

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