Beauty secrets from Roseli Siqueira: cosmetologist to Brazilian supermodels

Top Model Izabel Goulart with Cosmetologist Roseli Siqueira

In our exclusive interview, Roseli reveals how natural ingredients and biotechnology are game changers for the cosmetic industry.

“I don’t believe in Botox or sunscreen,” says Brazilian cosmetologist Roseli Siqueira. It’s a bold statement but that’s because with over 30 years experience in her field studying the positive benefits of natural products and how they can be used effectively in the cosmetic industry, Siqueira knows what she’s talking about and she gets results.
Her own line of services and methodology work to rejuvenate the body and soul with a mixture of natural ingredients and biotechnology, rather than chemicals. “It all starts with the cells. We must treat them to keep the skin alive and vibrating. If we do that, no chemicals are needed to avoid aging”.
Supermodel Izabel Goulart is one of Siqueira’s poster clients who regularly indulges in her unique beauty treatments, which include gold and chocolate masks (look out for the images she shares with her 3m Instagram followers), to pamper her flawless skin and body. “Dermatologists start applying toxic treatments on consumers at a very young age. Those treatments change the nature of the skin and don’t solve the issues in the long term. I believe in understanding people and their habits and then creating natural solutions to balance beauty and inner happiness”, says Roseli.
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Goulart at Roseli Siqueira practice in São Paulo

Wondering how she does this? We sat down with  Siqueira to find out more:
Tell us, what are your main principles when it comes to beauty? 
When we think about beauty, we have to start with our cells first. It’s an inside-out process. As we get older, cells start to oxidate. They lose vitality and when the cells die, there is no way to get them back. That’s when we see skin lines and flaccidity. So, when we take care of the cellular vitality first, before fixing the external skin problems, we are working with the health of the organism and maintaining long term health.
Your unique treatments focus on the cells, it seems like a simple idea, but not every beauty industry expert adopts this philosophy, when did you realise this had to be the starting point?
The skin is the largest organ in the human body. The skin needs health and vitality because it’s exposed to everything: from irritation to stress, plus our skin is the main barrier of defense between the outside world (pollution etc) and our bodies. So, it makes sense that when we work with the cells, we make our skin strong for life. To begin treating the cells, we have to start inside-out, so a healthy diet is necessary, filled with Carotene, vegetables and also natural juices. All these ingredients are good for cellular oxygenation. A healthy diet coupled with natural cosmetics and biotechnology empowers the skin on a cellular level. I work, for example, with the stem cell of the apple, as an ingredient, for our serums. It acts on the germinative surface of the skin where it provides amino-acids to the skin and makes the cell strong. As a result, the skin becomes firmer.
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Digital Influencer Lala Rudge with a Gold mask by Roseli Siqueira

What other ingredients do you use in order to strengthen the cells? 
I also work with seaweed, which is rich in mineral salts. Seaweed detoxifies the skin and, at the same time, feeds the cell with all the natural trace elements that it needs. It’s all about defense. I also have created a flower mask to detoxify and purify the skin, its base is the lotus flower. I also add chamomile, calendula and passiflora, for energy. I feel like all skin problems from wrinkles, to dark sports or flaccidity, can be solved by working with your own skin cells. Natural treatment is the best way to see results, the cells become stronger. My treatments are a bit like watering a plant.


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How do you include Biotechnology in your treatments?
I work with machines that respect the skin and the cells. I am not a fan of hardcore lasers that compromise the muscles. I use machines that provide an electromagnetic exchange to relieve the tension and leverage oxygenation. This exchange combined with the natural cosmetics improves the circulation and the vitality of the body and the skin. It not only improves the skin, but takes away the tiredness and exhaustion.


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