#Beauty: The Instagram trends you should be watching

instagram trends

With more than 800m active users per month, it’s no surprise Instagram is a hive of beauty inspiration, and more often than not, the place where major beauty trends begin.

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In our main report, we’ve highlighted five beauty trends emerging on Instagram – but we’re previewing three for you here on WGSN Insider.



January 15th 2018: 139,096 Instagram posts

instagram trends


Expect to see #fingerwaves hit its peak in the coming months. A decidedly classic style with roots in street culture, updates experiment with colour and glitter. Instagram posts focus on the detail and intricacies of the style, highlighting the craftsmanship of each wave and the impact of high-shine gloss. Influencers such as @harmonicurls spotlight the style.



January 15th 2018: 15,106 Instagram posts

Instagram trends


Embracing the reality of how roots grow out, #shadowroots emerges as the next inventive hair trend for adding colour to your look. Instagram users have a penchant for injections of pink and purple. The style sees a darker shot of colour applied to the parting, allowing it to peek out and create a a shadow effect when seen at different angles. Publications such as Allure are already calling it out.



January 15th 2018: 803 Instagram posts

Instagram Trends


A burgeoning Instagram trend, keep an eye on #dotliner as the next experimental look for make-up aficionados. Online influencers such as Rady of @gwrady and Rei Lilith play with dots in various sizes that circle the eye or migrate out towards the temple. Elsewhere, dots are added to traditional eyeliner or used in different tones to create a swatch of colour across the lid.

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