Backstage | Jeremy Scott

Makeup: Kabuki, MAC
Hair: Eugene Souleiman, Wella
Nails: Pattie Yankee, Dashing Diva

The makeup is inspired by Jeremy’s collection. It’s rave revisited, like 21st century rave. It’s funny because I remember it from the first time around. It almost has to do with early computers as well, like the internet… kind of like the current generation who has the party online. Some of the prints in the collection were very pixelated, like old 90s computer screens, so I’m bringing that into the makeup like a circuit board. The makeup is a combination of Gwen Stefani and  No Doubt. During the 90s at New York clubs, people used to wear bindis in an ironic way. So we’re combining that with the feeling of technology.

We’re doing a strong blue lip, for a shock value thing. It goes with the colorfulness of the collection. But the eyes and the skin are totally wearable. There’s no top liner. It’s all done with mascara and subtle shades of light reflective powder. There’s a little gold eyeshadow in the crease and a brown eyeliner pencil that’s bust up underneath the lash line. If you just looked at the eyes and the skin, it’s wearable makeup for everyone. Maybe wear it with a bright pink lip.

I ordered the LED bindi on line, in keeping with the online experience theme. Me and my assistant made the other bindis by hand last night after finishing a show. There are two jewels on each one. Each girl is getting 19 bindis and they’re applied with lash glue.

For lips, we’re using MAC Lip Mix. We’re mixing white lip mix with and cyan. We’re putting a powder eyeshadow over it which sets the color and gives it a richer, deeper finish. It has an almost satin finish. I like the way it looks under the lights. It looks a bit more dimensional.” – Kabuki

Products (all MAC): Sculpt Foundation, Prep + Prime Powder, Light Peach Color Corrector, Goldmine Eye Shadow, Nylon Eye Shadow, Coffee Pencil, NC15 Chromagraphic Pencil, Lip Mix in Blue and Cyan, Freshwater Eye Shadow


“The inspiration behind the look is avatars. When you see the makeup it’ll make more sense because they have virtual bindis that light up. It’s all about technology, fantasy, kind of like virtual hair. So in a world where you push the boundaries and you can do what you want, you can have this hair. We’re also introducing color schemes in the hair. There’s yellow and then there’s a pastel flavor, fuschia, baby pink, baby blue and lavender, turquoise. They pick up on the colors in the collection. This is not for the faint of heart.

So we’re doing cornrows with the girls’ natural hair to flatten the head shapes so we can put the weave on top. The cornrows also provide anchor points so we can sew in the acrylic hair pieces. We didn’t want something that was flat. We wanted something with weight. It’s about geometry and shapes. It’s almost like building a wig. We’re layering the hair from the forehead to the nape and then weaving in sections across the top. Then we’re cutting the hair to create this geometric shape with a lot of width at the bottom. It’s not supposed to look like real hair. And to finish it off, we’re using Wella Shimmer Spray so the hair shines under the lights on the runway.

If you look at the holographic clothes and the makeup with the virtual bindis and the LED lights, it would look silly if I did a ponytail. You have to look at it in its entirety and then its kind of amazing.” – Eugene


“As soon as I walked and saw the collection, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the nails. We have this retail line called Nail Bliss that’s a part of Dashing Diva. Today we’re using the 3D Bling nails. They’re sold in Sally’s and Ricky’s. The hair is rainbow-like and the clothes are techno-ish, so they wanted something fun and techno-like for the nails. Jeremy also thought these wraps looked like keyboard keys and the fade of the rainbow kind of mimics the hair. Originally we were going to do nude, but then I saw the clothes and thought these would be perfect and they’re really cool because they’re bumpy like keyboard keys.

They just stick on and we’re not doing a topcoat because Jeremy wants to leave them texturized. They’re easier to apply than polish because you don’t have to wait for them to dry and they’re easy to remove.

Products (all Nail Bliss): Bling wraps


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