Backstage Beauty | Jen Kao

Makeup: Yadim for MAC
Hair: Anthony Turner for Redken/Cutler Salon
Nails: Shelena Robinson for CND

“Otherworldly athleticism.” – Yadim

“We wanted to rebel against the collection, which is always quite fun. We didn’t want to work with it necessarily in an obvious way. The collection is very strong, very linear. We wanted to deconstruct the hair. We didn’t want to do anything that was too restricted or too uptight. So, we’re using the Redken Forceful Hair Spray, and running the Volumizing Mousse all through the hair from roots to ends. That’s a really good product for matte-ing hair down. I want the texture to be very matte. Whenever I think of matte filthy hair, I always think of something that’s quite romantic. It’s a nod to the ‘90s as well. Then, you dry it and using a very small curling iron, curling just the hairline, then pulling it back into a very low pony tail, securing it with a band. The fluffy kind of curly hairline, we’re pulling it out a little bit.

She’s very loose, very romantic. She is kind of a bit nonchalant, she doesn’t really care that much. I’m using my fingers always, never a brush. To matte it down even more, I’m using the Powder Refresh by Redken. It soaks up any moisture that’s left in there. At the back, we’re creating a ponytail loop, kind of like when a girl comes out of the gym. It’s not a twist, it’s not a knot, it’s just very easy and loose in the back. I don’t mind if bits fall out. I like all of that, it’s kind of sexy in a way. Then, we finish off with a bit of the Redken Forceful 23 hairspray just to secure everything.” – Anthony Turner

“We started designing the nail with her several seasons ago. She always has a unique inspiration for each season. This season, she was intrigued by organic textures. She was looking for a new mood technique that created the look of texture without actually having any texture at all. So we came up with a combination of our CND Color and Effects line. We are using our Gold Shimmer Effect as a base layer to create the illusion of texture and shimmer, then layering a Pink Lily color, for a bone look. We followed it with Super Matte Top Coat to keep the look super organic. We  saw a stingray jaw in her office, and that was one of the things we were trying to replicate. This is a fresh new way to take a nude manicure into spring. We see a lot of high shine, but this gives it kind of a whole new organic look.” – Shelena Robinson

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