Backstage Beauty I Katie Gallagher


“Katie was talking about the girls being frozen and at the same time there is a darkness to Katie so I thought, how can I create something that is bright white and have it be a little mysterious. To achieve that look I decided to really sculpt the face, to darken with sculpting and then brighten with highlighting. We’ve used crème products from MAC, Vanilla Pigment with Luna Crème Color Base to highlight the face and then sculpting crèmes to really make the face look three-dimensional. We’ve added a gloss to the lid and we’ve used a white pencil and an acrylic paint to get the bright white contrast with black mascara. When you look at Katie, there is something amazing about her and her look, and I took inspiration from that and incorporated it into the makeup. I’m using a new lipstick, which hasn’t been named yet but it is the perfect nude. Surprisingly for fall it’s all about the skin and the glow so we’re doing nude lips because there is color on the eyes. What I would like to see continued for fall is that skin looks three-dimensional, a mannequin-like, futuristic feel, which is easily achievable with products.”  – Romero Jennings for MAC


“There’s a dual texture going on because there is so much texture in the clothes, so we’re mixing flat and movement. There’s a gothic element to it but we didn’t want to make it too dark and aggressive. I thought by creating texture underneath it would be more whimsical and romantic. The technique is pretty straightforward; we mousse the hair off the face with Curlesque Mousse first and then dry it back. Then you take the hair underneath and wrap it around your finger like a coil, pin it, then heat it with a straight iron and we used Look-Lock Sleek Pristique Hairspray to help it set. The top is left straight. But from the crown down we take out the curls and brush it all the way through. Then we used a product called True Wax Session Series to make it look oily but not too perfect so it’s like she’s done it herself. We left bobby pins in for a nice feature and the transition between textures is clean. There is a little elastic band at the bottom to give it another nuance and so that the shapes aren’t too fat. When you look at the girl straight on you don’t know what’s going on in the back, it adds that mystique.” – Nick Irwin for TIGI


“The nail is a pointillism ombre look using press-on nails. I feel like Spring is all about black and white optical illusions and Fall is all about grey, shades of grey, and off-black. We go from black (Where’s the Soire) to charcoal (Musical) to Medium Grey (Sheer to Skies) to a dove grey (custom).  This is a great look for anyone who is enthusiastic about nail art but can’t paint with their non-dominant hand because all you need is a dotter tool – which you can find at any beauty supply store or you can use whatever you have around the house, bobby pin, tailers pin, toothpick etc.  You take the end of the tool and dip it in the paint and then just press down on the nail and it gives you the perfect dot every time.  All you have to do is add a base coat and then dot from light to dark down your nail. We also love it on the natural nail. Showing the natural nail is a huge trend in nail art right now.

The inspiration is snow falling at night when the flakes are grey because Katie was really inspired by winter. For the shape they wanted something edgier, all the celebrities are wearing this pointed shape and it really fit the Katie Gallagher, rough, tough “I’ll claw you for fabulous clothes” look.  – Simcha Whitehill, aka Miss Pop, for Color Club

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