Ayumi Seto: Five reasons this youth style icon is making waves
By Shanu Walpita

Model, fashion icon, designer and director of cult lifestyle brand Aymmy in the Batty Girls, Ayumi Seto is definitely one of the coolest girls in Tokyo, says WGSN Youth Editor Shanu Walpita

Jan 08, 2016

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As part of our monthly Icon series at WGSN, we’ve been looking at the models, designers and tastemakers who stand out from the crowd. Seto has been making waves since 2012 as part-pioneer of the Kidz Rock Harajuku-kei style movement.

Here’s five reasons to keep an eye on this fashion It girl:

1. Entrepreneur inspiration: she’s turned a love of fashion into a retail store.


She’s now mixing modelling with a concept store. She proudly opened the doors to her clothing label’s very first bricks-and-mortar store in Tokyo called BATTY GARAGE BY AYMMYS

2. She’s an author too.

She has launched two books, AyumiKidz and Kidult Girl, furthering her ever-growing cult status.

3. She has a distinctive look 


Ayumi’s obsession with vintage Americana drives her look, taking inspiration from 1950s diner culture and iconic retro high school scenes found in movies such as Grease and Hairspray.

4. She mixes and matches more simple accessories, with statement pieces- rocking them her way.

Ayumi’s accessories have a quieter disposition, taking a boyish slant. Basic canvas chucks, backpacks, wide-brim fedoras and plain socks are key, and work as easy accompaniments to her statement-making ensembles. Simple eyewear completes the look, with a preference for wire-frame opticals and acetate-cut cat’s-eye sunnies.

5. She’s a social media hit


She’s blasting her way into the social media stratosphere with more than 211k Instagram and 100k twitter followers.

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