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The Rise of Oat Milk

WGSN predicted the mainstreaming of plant-based and reducetarian lifestyles for many years and spotted oat milk in 2017. Since then, creamy oat milk has …

Meet the Food & Drink team: Arthur Bovino

The Mindful Hedonists are making their way through 2020, unapologetically embracing food as a source of pleasure and comfort. We can all relate to …

TikTok Takes the Catwalk for A/W 20

The A/W 20 season saw TikTok emerge as a potential tool for designers to cut through the noise and tap a young fanbase who …

Eudon Choi Pre-Fall 20

The Rise of Shorts

Shorts have been slowly rising for the past three years across the S/S catwalks, going from a 2.8% share in S/S 17 to 4.4% …

Yves Saint Laurent Pop-Up

Beauty Directions for 2020

As we move into the new decade, consumer needs are changing, leaning toward natural products and brands who can offer eco credentials and give …

20 Trends for the 2020s

As we leave the decade that brought us Netflix, Millennial pink, Whatsapp, #ad and meme culture, we truly see just how much can change …

Six NYFW shows that brought the catwalk to the public

Alexandria Best reports from New York Fashion Week, where designers included the public in their shows in new ways, marking a departure from the …

Three inspiring eco collections from the bioFASHIONtech Summit

Textiles dyed with food waste; clothes that sprout plants; and workshops to teach consumers how to become makers. Yimin Deng reports from the TILL: …

Aqua-Tech Blues

WGSN Beauty: The hero-moment colours coming from your screen to your beauty regime

As our real-time and screen time worlds merge – with many of us spending as much time in digital communication as in human to …

At Cosmoprof, Gen Z are the answer to sustainable beauty

Last week at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, our Global Beauty Director, Jenni Middleton brought together some of the world’s pioneering beauty brands to discuss the unique challenges Gen Z brings to brands.

A.I. Aqua: WGSN X Coloro Color of 2021

As we journey towards 2021, technology will not just be about what it can do, but what we can do with it.

Here come the robots: From Oxford University debates, to homework help

Robots. They might not be gearing up for world domination, but two recent developments in robotics are resulting in this tech becoming more useful and impactful on everyday life.