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What comes after clean eating? Get to know the latest food trend

The latest trend to receive a backlash, clean eating is under the spotlight - sparking appetite for a new approach to eating. WGSN's Lifestyle editor Sarah Housley reports

Natural light: The next wellness obsession

Artificial lighting no longer floats our boat, WGSN's Sarah Housley reports on how a return to natural lighting is making us feel better.

Creativity and Design thinking matters now the most

Future-proofing your brand: what you need to know

The brands of tomorrow need creativity and design thinking to innovate their businesses, says the Global Chief Creative Officer of Interbrand.

Wellness and the future consumer

WGSN Futures London: 5 Key Ideas

From the age of anxiety to the mood market and caring with commitment, we explore five of the key ideas from WGSN Futures London 2017.

London Design Festival 2017 Preview

Installations at London's best venues by some of the buzziest names in design can only mean one thing: LDF has announced its 2017 agenda. WGSN's Sarah Housley explores the highlights so far

Amazon and the race towards the intelligent home

The intelligent home: meet the new wave of tech that does everything from offer fashion advice to delivering home entertainment systems of the future.

The rise of colour tripping

From art exhibitions to wellness, colour-based experiences are gaining ground. WGSN's Sarah Housley explores the trend

Corian Cabana Club: maximalist interiors at Milan Design Week

Corian and Cabana's fresh collaboration celebrates multicultural, maximalist pattern for the home. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

Lexus Yet: innovation

Lexus wows at Milan Design Week 2017

For Lexus YET, MIT materials innovator Neri Oxman contrasts ancient with modern. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

SXSW: Tech’s mindful mood

Meditation has a small but powerful presence at this year's conference, across start ups and brand activations. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

SXSW: Behind the scenes with Google & Levi’s connected clothing

Google and Levi's push wearable tech forward with a major announcement at SXSW. WGSN's Sarah Housley reports

The theme restaurant is back – with a bang

High-concept and high-theatre, theme restaurants are back in the spotlight. WGSN's Sarah Housley counts down five of the latest global hotspots.