Sarah Owen

As the Editor of the juniors' directory for the US, Sarah reports on millennial trends spanning macro design development to consumer insight and forecast. With almost 10 years experience in street style and trend spotting, Sarah has covered events around the world including New York Fashion Week, Coachella, SXSW, Japan Fashion Week, Fuji Rock Festival, and NXNE as well as trade shows such as CES, Coterie, MAGIC, Capsule, and Project. Sarah is a key contributor to the WGSN social media channels – reporting live on festivals & events for Twitter, photographing original content for Tumblr, and managing the WGSN Instagram account for #Editortakeover projects

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SXSW: Marc Jacobs on designing in the age of social media

Marc Jacobs is just like you: a human being who puts their pants on one leg at a time.

SXSW gets schooled by Marie Kondo on how to tidy up

Marie Kondo heads to SXSW Austin to teach the tech crowd how to tidy up.

IT RAN: The first magazine composed entirely of ads

In the name of creativity and a good cause, a magazine is born dedicated solely to advertisements. WGSN's Sarah Owen interviews the agency behind the campaign.

A New App for Jet-Setting, Instagram Addicts

Live from Web Summit in Portugal, one of the coolest tech developments is a new app that merges travel, Instagram-worthy imagery and peer recommendations.

MIT scientist Says Consumer Desire Is Shifting Towards Intangible Goods

Live from Web Summit in Portugal, we reveal how consumer behaviour is shifting away from a desire for resources/products and goods to less tangible things.

Street style photography tips from a Pro: Emily Malan

Being a street style photographer ain’t easy, but it sure comes with a pack of interesting stories from the fashion industry.

The Curated Cool: Refinery29’s #29Rooms is back for NYFW

The three-day art extravaganza themed "Powered by the People" brings an array of magic, Instagrammable moments. WGSN's Sarah Owen reports live.

The Curated Cool: Afropunk Festival 2016

This two-day festival in Brooklyn is a hotspot for stunning street style and good music. WGSN Senior Editor Sarah Owen reports from the inspirational event.

A secret summit only the industry knows about: welcome to WORLDZ

The invite-only event garnering attention for being a "Harvard for culture". Step inside WorldZ for a few key learnings from some of the world's biggest brains.

Ten lessons for young designers

Uniqlo's John C. Jay shares his top tips for success including: don't work for stupid people. WGSN's Sarah Owen reports.

The future music and art directors you need to know

This year's new directors' showcase featured everything from seat-gripping campaigns to eerie music videos. WGSN's Sarah Owen reports.

Hacking your way to creativity

IDEO's Neil Stevenson tests a few out of the box methods as he hunts for creativity. WGSN's Sarah Owen reports.