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Google’s Curiosity Rooms: Tapping into the experience economy

Google's Curiosity Rooms space in London offered up an Instagram-worthy experience coupled with a chance to show off new product.

eBay’s new London concept space explores the science of why we shop

Mind technology, brainwaves and the shopping research of consumer habits is being explored by the new eBay space in London.

Future retail: H&M’s Arket encourages transparent shopping on its new e-commerce site

Arket, the new fashion enterprise from H&M officially opens in London this week, with e-commerce pre-sale available now, focusing on transparent shopping

The Age of Artificial Intelligence in Retail: Customer Privacy and Other Ethical Dilemmas

We dig into the ethical dilemmas that will accompany the mass rise of AI, analysing how it will impact retailers and consumers. WGSN's Petah Marian reports

Mon Purse: Helping consumers create their dream bag

Think of Mon Purse as the Build-A-Bear retail concept but for accessories and you'll see why the customised accessories line is so popular with consumers.

Activist brands: The Superbowl and the necessity of political engagement

Corporate businesses are taking a political position in everything from their Superbowl ad campaigns to their in office policies.

Influencer power panel at NRF

Retail CEOs look to Influencer power to future-proof their business

One of the key panels at this year's NRF Retail Big Show 2017, was all about the power of Instagram influencers and their impact on the retail industry.

Should retailers opt out of holiday discounting?

Niche retailers have been successful with opting out of holiday discounting but can mass retailers afford to do the same?

Wired Retail: The Rise of the Dematerialising World

What happens when consumers no longer crave physical material things because they live online? Wired Retail explored this brave new world. WGSN reports

Technology and the politics of hope

Today’s Web Summit took on a sombre mood as the technology industry grappled with the results of the US election.

The Dark Side of Tech: No Jobs for Humans?

Live from Web Summit in Portugal, we reveal what the experts are saying about technology’s role in an uncertain future.

The Future of Beauty: Magic Mirrors on the Wall

Charlotte Tilbury's latest beauty tech venture is a magic mirror that invites consumers to virtually experience 10 different beauty looks. WGSN's Petah Marian reports.