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See you at Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions 2019: the WGSN talks you must see

Going to Cannes this year? We are too. Check out where to watch our sessions and what’s in store for this year’s Festival. Can’t …

Crack the buying code: Does a leopard ever change its spots?

For the first installment in our Cracking the Buying Code Series, get the inside scoop from WGSN on how leopard print became a staple, and where the trend going next.

WGSN HQ: it’s the new year, start a new book

Getting those "New Year, new you" vibes? To inspire your 2018 resolutions, here are 3 fresh start stories from our WGSN team – and how they created their own paths in 2017.

WGSN HQ: How do we start our days – from Hong Kong to LA

Are you the get-up-and-dash-out-of-the-house type? Or do you take 2 hours to get ready? We're sharing how our team starts their days – from HK to LA.

WGSN HQ: 3 career change inspirations from our team – part 3: Bibiana

Our third post on the series of new career paths from the WGSN team, we share Bibiana's detours, that feature a great dose of positive thinking and a great dose of courage.

WGSN HQ: 3 career change inspirations from our team – part 2: Clarissa

Stuck in a career rut? On the second post of this series, we share a tale that ranges from finance to marketing, and all the way from São Paulo to NYC to help that job inkling finally become some action.

WGSN HQ: 3 career change inspirations from our team – part 1: Georgie

Not to get too poetic, but we all know life is not a straight and clear road from point A to B. But detours – and (un)planned changes – can be the best thing that ever happen to you.

WGSN HQ: Travel thirsty? Get inspired by our very own citizens of the world

Think of yourself as an air miles collector? Well, think again. We introduce you to three of WGSN's citizens of the world. Just how many cities have they called home? Oh, a casual thirty-five.