Lorna Hall

As Head of Market Intelligence at WGSN, Lorna is responsible for a team of experts reporting on best practice and innovation across all forms of retail including online and offline strategies, store design, marketing and visual merchandising. Before joining WGSN in 2009, she was the executive editor of the UK's fashion trade magazine Drapers

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Want to design an office space that breeds creativity?

Having a creative space has been linked to increased productivity, so why not take cues from Stark Trek. WGSN's Lorna Hall reports live from Cannes Lions.

Iggy Pop on youth, ageing, success and death

The music veteran proved that real rock stars wear their frailty on the outside, telling Cannes Lions he regrets not being nicer to his parents.

Can social media trolls be good for business?

Big business tends to ignore or try to silence trolls who engage on their brand's social media accounts, but there could be another way. WGSN reports

Gucci’s owner Kering rejects see now, buy now…but for how long?

Gucci owner Kering may have said No to “see now buy now” but it didn’t say never. WGSN reports.

Burberry’s big news: How luxury brands are waking up to the needs of the customer

The power is now firmly in the hands of the customer and Burberry's latest announcement proves it, says WGSN Head of Market Intelligence Lorna Hall

Three ways data is transforming fashion retail

The new, not-so-secret weapon for retailers is data. WGSN Head of Market Intelligence Lorna Hall reveals the key ways it's transforming sales and the consumer experience

Chinese slump “will lead to world recession” – Citi analyst

How’s this for a stark warning? The Chinese economic slowdown is expected to impact emerging markets for their exports and lead the world into …

Next pulls off another profits gain despite slow sales

The UK-based fashion retailer on Thursday posted a solid rise in first half profit and a hard earned sales gain after selling more full-price …

John Lewis to the rescue

Solid department store gains, bolstered by a pretty strong performance on its fashion floors, offset very tough trading conditions for its supermarkets. That was …


Net-A-Porter’s Natalie Massenet has quit – and it was the right thing to do

Two entrepreneurial founders in one organisation was probably never going to work and Massenet should be applauded for recognising that

Asos magazine

Three ways Nick Robertson’s Asos disrupted fashion retail forever

He knew how we wanted to shop before we did and has been a true innovative force. WGSN Head of Market Intelligence Lorna Hall salutes the outgoing CEO

Outdated and inconvenient: Three reasons why flares should fail

When it comes to that flappy-legged look that's everywhere this season, are you yay or nay? Lorna Hall, WGSN Head of Market Intelligence has a persuasive argument for the latter...