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Zara: Retaining product integrity

In a market plagued by overstock and consequent persistent promotions, protecting margins where possible is integral for survival in fashion retail. So how does …

Black Friday: Understanding Demand

As the concept of Black Friday matures across marketplaces globally, discounting is no longer a novelty but the norm for retailers in what has …

Next: Reactive retail

As Next release their trading statement for H1, WGSN Analytics Division takes a look at the strategies they are adopting in order to be …

The plus size market: Strategies for success

The plus size market is expanding. WGSN Instock data shows a 24.4% YOY increase in new-ins, but as the plus size market grows, with it comes the strength of competition. Across all markets, here are our strategies for success.

Menswear luxury market growth: What drives the success?

With the menswear luxury market currently thriving in an otherwise struggling retail landscape, we take a look at the data to identify what’s driving the growth. WGSN's Isabelle Coates reports.

World Cup fever: The impact on the menswear market

In the wake of the World Cup, we take a look at the menswear market to understand the impact of the games on fashion retail. WGSN's Isabelle Coates reports.

Fashion retail: Selling with Pride

With London pride painting a rainbow over the city last week, we take a look at the retail data behind the stripes to see the wider effect on the market. WGSN's Isabelle Coates reports.

Four insights for success in fashion retail

The fashion retail landscape has altered dramatically in recent years. Brands must look to new places to engage with consumers and convenience becomes a commodity rather than a luxury. Here are four, must-know insights if you want to succeed in fashion retail today.

Fashion retail success: What’s love got to do with it?

With the volatility of the market disrupting the traditional rules of brand to consumer courtship, we mapped data from Barometer, our proprietary consumer data tool to understand the changing dynamics.

Fashion Retail: Four market shifts that have changed consumers’ expectations forever

WGSN Analytics Division’s new white paper “Fashion Retail: New Measures of Success” is now live, uncovering the new ways to succeed in the dynamic and evolving fashion retail industry.


Very: Creating a unified proposition

As Shop Direct announces Very Exclusive will migrate to Very to unify their fashion proposition, we take a look at our proprietary retail and consumer data platforms, Instock and Barometer to analyse the challenges the e-tailer will face to ensure a successful transition.

Mules: Disturbing the footwear market

Peripatetic workforces and nomadic lifestyles are disrupting seasonal purchases, particularly within the footwear market and the rise of mules are evidence of this. WGSN's Isabelle Coates reports.