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Denham: Balancing data with creativity

Built on the mantra to worship tradition and destroy convention, Denham has become a global denim (and lifestyle) brand that celebrates jeans as a …

Fashion retail: The power of Prime

Amazon Prime Day’s impact on the wider fashion market is foretelling of Amazon’s potential in the scope of fashion retail.

Fashion Retail: Pop-culture moments

In a crowded marketplace that offers consumers an overwhelming choice of product across multiple communication channels, savvy and innovative retailers are tuning into pop …

Fashion Retail: The feminist agenda

As part of a new body of research from WGSN Analytics, identifying the new retail events that matter to today’s consumer, we’ve taken a …

Fashion Retail: Events that matter

In a volatile marketplace, fashion retailers are increasingly challenged with attracting and retaining consumers who are overwhelmed with choice and have unprecedented access to …

Zara: Retaining product integrity

In a market plagued by overstock and consequent persistent promotions, protecting margins where possible is integral for survival in fashion retail. So how does …

Black Friday: It’s a gift

Black Friday’s worth is due to its proximity to Christmas, as consumers seek to save; capitalising on Black Friday deals for Christmas gifting. When …

Black Friday: Understanding Demand

As the concept of Black Friday matures across marketplaces globally, discounting is no longer a novelty but the norm for retailers in what has …

Next: Reactive retail

As Next release their trading statement for H1, WGSN Analytics Division takes a look at the strategies they are adopting in order to be …

The plus size market: Strategies for success

The plus size market is expanding. WGSN Instock data shows a 24.4% YOY increase in new-ins, but as the plus size market grows, with it comes the strength of competition. Across all markets, here are our strategies for success.

Menswear luxury market growth: What drives the success?

With the menswear luxury market currently thriving in an otherwise struggling retail landscape, we take a look at the data to identify what’s driving the growth. WGSN's Isabelle Coates reports.

World Cup fever: The impact on the menswear market

In the wake of the World Cup, we take a look at the menswear market to understand the impact of the games on fashion retail. WGSN's Isabelle Coates reports.