Harriet Kilikita

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How Moon Cycle Bakery is redefining periods

A new subscription food service is out to reframe how women think about their time of the month, with help from brownies that relieve cramps. WGSN's Harriet Kilikita reports

New product Circa wants you to ditch the alarm function on your smartphone

Get to know Circa: A new crowdfunded sleep aid that is helping people switch off and have a better quality night's sleep. WGSN reports

Food meets art: Feast your eyes on Brittany Wright’s new book

Meet food artist Brittany Wright who offers up beautifully curated shots that tell a story about our food habits, from ingredients to finished meal.

Drink your star sign at Brooklyn’s hot new bar, Mood Ring

The Millennial obsession with astrology and spirituality is inspiring a range of new businesses including new Brooklyn bar, Mood Ring