Greer Hughes

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How to be an agile brand in the face of deglobalisation?

Agility in times of uncertainty could be the theme for businesses in 2017. The backlash against globalisation coming from the US, UK and parts of Europe has led businesses to question how to approach an already challenging global market.

What should brands do when consumers don’t fit into boxes anymore?

The process of understanding and defining consumers is changing: people don’t fit neatly into demographic boxes any more.

The Evolution of Wellness: Things are Getting Real

The wellness movement has evolved from a picture perfect industry to a more fun, inclusive approach. WGSN's Greer Hughes reports on this shift.

The Luxury Conundrum: Addressing Exclusivity in the Age of Inclusivity

The perception of luxury has changed and there’s no going back. How can luxury brands navigate this new consumer mindset? WGSN reports