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WGSN Beauty

Beauty and the packaging beast

With annual e-commerce transactions now at 40 billion and rising, beauty brands can do their bit to combat #packagingfail. They can also save money …

Self-care is homeward bound

As the outside world becomes more tumultuous, and consumer stress levels rise, the home is increasingly important as a wellness retreat. This is a …

The Age of Inclusivity

WGSN Beauty: The multibillion-dollar beauty market still up for grabs

In WGSN’s 2021 forecast of big ideas and key opportunities for the beauty industry, a few major themes stood out. Among them, a valuable …

SROI: Strategies for success in the digital age

In the age of Instagram, Twitter, and Internet virality, SROI has only grown in importance – and become increasingly hard to achieve. Here's how to measure the success of SROI campaigns.


Marketing best practices: How to be relatable

Unless your marketing, copywriting, and advertising departments are all somehow made up of your target consumer, matching their tone of voice is always going to be challenging. WGSN explores how to be relatable.

Gen Z perspective: Instagrammable design strategy

In a digital age where trending items can be circulated rapidly, it can be difficult for the “it” item to still exist. Here, WGSN looks at three fronts of major branding efforts, and how the harmony of all three together can create great success for your brand or client.


Global Youth: The supporters and faces of the micro-influencer

The numbers are in. People love micro-influencers. They're perceived as trustworthy, and offer a more personal connection than their mega-influencer counterparts. What's more, they're a great way to bring your brand to Gen Z. Here's why.


Marketing strategy buzzwords: Sustainability

Once defined by PETA and FEED bags in the early 2000's, sustainability has become as capitalized a marketing tool as feminism. As some brands show how to do it right, and others miss the mark, we look at how to expand your brand/client’s own efforts.