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Future Makers: Introducing the WGSN Mentoring Programme

ARE YOU A FUTURE MAKER? Welcome to the WGSN Mentorship Programme   On June 16, we launched the WGSN Mentorship Programme for young Black …

Creating Tomorrow: why honesty is the best policy

Why can’t we admit we don’t know the answer? I was watching a British comedian a few nights ago talking about how politicians in …

Creating Tomorrow: how to lure customers back in-store

Queues and face masks we can get used to. Restrictions on the use of changing rooms in clothes shops or menus in restaurants we’ll cope with. But if it can all be delivered with a smile and a sense of renewed hope in terms of design and, of course, service, then maybe even I will be lured out of my leggings and back into shops to replace them with something a little smarter.

Something new for WGSN

I, like nearly everyone else I know, binge-watched Tiger King on Netflix during early lockdown, but have since swapped to something far more satisfying …

An open letter to our clients and our community

I have always been a words person. I wanted to be a writer before I understood how I would make a living doing that, …

Creating Tomorrow: What A to B looks like in the future

I wrote last week about what I’ve been buying during the pandemic – a note that mainly focused on socks and wine. Well, it …

Creating Tomorrow: what consumers want next

After months of Covid-19-dictated lockdown, countries are beginning to ease their restrictions, some slowly, some at faster rates, with U-turns and plenty of reflection …

Creating Tomorrow: recession planning for the design world

Did you know that during the second world war, cosmetics in Great Britain were rationed, but that Prime Minister Winston Churchill insisted lipstick was …

Creating Tomorrow: the happiness spectrum

How happy do you feel today, on a scale of one to 10? A little like asking how you feel about this whole pandemic, …

Creating Tomorrow: every design will matter post-Covid-19

The question many of us are asking ourselves right now is not how do we cope in a lockdown, but how will we cope afterwards? What will a post-Covid-19 world look like to those in the multiple creative industries which create consumer products?

Creating Tomorrow: creativity vs crisis

If there was any doubt that creativity would triumph during this crisis, you – the readers of this column – have obliterated it… and stamped on it for good measure.

Creating Tomorrow: I need a new plan (and so do you)

We are reimagining what consumers will want, what brands can and should create, and how we will live in a post-Covid-19 world. It’s time to plan for a new future.