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The future of craft in a digital age: Re-Master by Sabina Weiss

WGSN's assistant editor Bonnie Pierre-Davis dives into the future of craft, combining digital technologies with analogue manufacturing.

The 3 Big Ideas from Futures Cape Town

Futures, the global WGSN summit, arrived in Cape Town on November 9th for a full day of thought-provoking content focusing on the future consumer.

#ItemsMoMA: The Future of the Pencil Skirt

Currently on view at MoMA, the Pencil Skirt is included in Items: Is Fashion Modern? as one of the 111 fashion items that have had a strong impact on the world.

Black Friday is having a makeover, altruism is replacing discounting

Brands are swapping out Black Friday discounting for a more ethical 'feel good' approach, putting brand values ahead of profits.

modern relationships

Modern relationships: high-tech meeting, traditional proposal

When it comes to dating, the Internet is becoming increasingly important, yet when it comes to proposals tradition is making a comeback. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

WGSN HQ: 3 career change inspirations from our team

Stuck in a career rut? On the second post of this series, we share a tale that ranges from finance to marketing, and all the way from São Paulo to NYC to help that job inkling finally become some action.

Business goals: Success in 2018

4 strategic questions that brands should ask to guarantee success in 2018

Are you planning your 2018 business goals? Whether you are an established brand or a start-up, these valuable questions will help guarantee success.

Nordstrom links with MoMa to add a design edge to gift shopping

Nordstrom has been responsible for numerous innovative retail developments this year, and this new gift shopping experience is the latest. WGSN's Sandra Halliday reports

#VSFashionShow 2017

Victoria’s Secret Angels rock the runway in Shanghai for the annual #VSFashionShow

The Victoria's Secret fashion show in Shanghai this year featured a host of famous names, and a luxury collaboration with Balmain.

Food and the sharing economy in Barcelona meeting Millennial demands

The evolution of the sharing economy in Barcelona. Food and co-working spaces are popping up all over the city, a respite and resource for entrepreneurs. WGSN's Mio Hayashi reports.

Tom Ford Beauty comes to London

Tom Ford debuts first beauty standalone with tech to the fore

Tom Ford Beauty is making its mark in London with a new brick and mortar presence, another step in his plans to becoming a formidable force in beauty. WGSN's Nigel Taylor reports

Complex Con 2017: Art & Music Extravaganza Plus Denim Heaven

Check out the music, art installations, exclusive product collaborations and the most stylish attendees from this year's Complex Con.