Art + Cake: Break Bread is a deliciously sweet inspired art show
By Lourdes Linares

All Cake Everything. We explored the delicious and creepy cake inspired art at LA’s Break Bread art show.

Mar 07, 2016

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The deliciously creepy Break Bread art show featured cake inspired stilettos, firearms, chandeliers, and cakes with fangs bringing a new meaning to the word ‘sweet-tooth’ unfortunately for us none was edible.

Made up of a tour through ‘six-chambers’ by Scott Hove and Baker’s Son filled with everything from tech based mirror mazes to an ice cream truck and amazing, inspiring cake decorated art. The 7,500 ft walking tour has been described as a “Hood Candyland” meeting that reputation in many different ways.

Walking through the rooms is perhaps the closest we will get to a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory tour, although at this hood candyland all art and rooms are acrylic or watercolor media and available for purchase.

We can still dream right? We rounded-up a few of our deliciously-favourite pieces from the show.

Break Bread_007

Break Bread_008

Break Bread_010

Break Bread_015

Break Bread_045

Break Bread_047

Break Bread_044

Break Bread_017

Break Bread_020

Break Bread_023

Break Bread_046

Break Bread_001

Break Bread runs through March 13, 2016 at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA.

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