Are you keen for change? Join The Impossibles, championing a community-focused future

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The Impossibles are the third consumer profile in our Future Consumer 2023 white paper. Fuelled by the anger of 2020 and lack of institutional and governmental assistance, this cohort looks to use technology and their peer groups to create a future where anything is possible.

The Impossibles are championing solutions to ensure systemic change is enforced. In 2023, cancel culture will evolve to focus on diversity, as this cohort supports diverse companies and communities. Whether it be through local governments, community centres or businesses, The Impossibles are about doing it for themselves, by themselves.

Self-sufficiency is also a key priority, as they are focused on organising and impacting change at a community level, resulting in a renewed focus on community supply chains, and a push for local or values-based patronage of and involvement in businesses.

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The Impossibles: Engagement Strategies

Prepare for this tech-savvy, politically motivated and socially driven cohort by focussing on inspiring action, sustained progress and long-term change for good.

Transcultural Products

As global identities are reshaped and revamped to reflect a wider range of voices, trailblazing consumers with a multitude of heritages are challenging the status quo with expressive products that fuse heritage and progressive branding.

Alchemy activism

The emotional and physical strain of community activism is leading The Impossibles to seek pre- and post-wellness rituals with healing and protective qualities. Erika Totten, spiritual life coach and facilitator of Harriet’s Apothecary – a healer’s collective led by Black cis women, queer and trans healers – noted the importance of invoking the sacred when protesting in the streets: “There’s a level of alchemy in creating healing spaces. Even in the midst of these systems of oppression, we are still calling ourselves sacred.”

Gabby K

Elevate the essential economy

The appreciation of and admiration for essential employees will resonate for years to come. Alongside the rise of genuinfluencers, companies that invest in products and services that acknowledge and highlight essential workers will gain loyalty with The Impossibles.


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