Another Ugly Day At "The Office"

I listen to NPR, never buy terrible gossip magazines and haven’t owned a television for years. I don’t even know most of the shows that are on right now, and I have even less of an idea who’s in these shows. Ever since the untimely death of “Arrested Development”, I just don’t care about TV. That said, I have somehow managed to catch nearly every episode of the American “Office,” either by forcing friends who have TiVo to sit through marathon sessions with me, or by downloading them off of the internerd and onto someone else’s computer (because I don’t have one of those either). And so, because they’re the only people on TV I care about, I feel the need to comment on the outfits worn by the lady cast members of “The Office” at the recent Emmy Awards. But before I do that, I also feel the need to address all the haters: THE AMERICAN “OFFICE” IS TOTALLY ONE OF THE FUNNIEST SHOWS EVER. Yes it’s a rip-off of those witty Brits, and yes, Ricky Gervais is a comedy god, but honestly, it’s still amazing. Which makes me wonder why everyone who works on it always looks so very bad at any kind of awards show. I’ve tried to ignore it, but the problem just won’t go away. Does “The Office” not have a stylist budget for its stars? Seriously? Does anyone help them get dressed? From Stylesight.com, the damage:


JENNA FISCHER: is wearing a dress made of interesting old curtains.
MELORA HARDIN: is wearing a dress meant for a twenty-year old in springtime, not a forty-year old in fall.
MINDY KALING: needs to understand that satin is not the most forgiving fabric.


RASHIDA JONES: looks half-way decent (for once). And it’s probably just the red lipstick.

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