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Hey – this was just posted to the CBS website – the full Anna Wintour interview that aired on 60 Minutes on Sunday. Interviews with her are quite rare – how many times have you even seen her with her sunnies off, much less heard her speak? Well worth a look if you haven’t seen it. Ghesquiere admitting that he and other top designers have her somewhat in mind when designing a new collection is pretty mind-blowing stuff…talk about powerful. I love also that she says when designers are lazy or copyists that it makes her angry – not bored. Also, please overlook the interviewer’s silly comments that were obviously just intended to try to make middle-America laugh and not switch the channel to a basketball game. Enjoy!

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  • Hannah

    I love her!!

  • Haha, I actually like how the interviewer/commentator was so critical of the fashion industry. It reminded me of just a few years ago when I didn’t know too much about fashion, and I still have somewhat of an outsider’s eye of the industry. Sometimes fashion can seem silly but it can also be beautiful and spectacular, of course.
    I really liked that interview, but Anna Wintour still scares me.

  • she’s an icon, but i WOULD NOT want to get on her bad side. also, it’s so sad that she doesn’t come to London to view fashion week – boohoo.

  • Lovely interview. Its rare to see her guard down, even though it was still kind of up.

  • I have tremendous respect for Anna Wintour, you have to have nerves of steel to survive as long as she has in this industry. As for the intimidation factor, well, my father taught me something that I always remember whenever I start to feel that way. The only person you need fear facing is God. If the person in front of you bears their bottom over the bowl, they are no different, nor better, than you, regardless of earthly successes. It’s all perspective.

  • Lauea

    Well said global design gypsy…



  • I have been waiting to watch this!!! so glad you posted it. Great idea.

  • whatever

    nice elitist middle america dig. awesome!

  • Thank you for posting this! Kind of fascinating…

  • simply ginaius

    I find her to be completely enthralling. Thank you so much for posting this! It truly is a rare occasion to see Ms. Wintour with her guard even partially down. I love it! She is a real woman, with real fashion and I completely look up to her. Thanks again!

  • Such a fascinating interview – it’s one of those rare moments when Anna is put out in the open and forced, in a way, to defend herself and her industry. Thank you for posting!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen a video of her, only photos. I like her laugh and I love a strong person. sometimes one needs to be a bitch to be where she is.

  • Hey – completely agree. She’s just a strong, no-nonsense type and I’ve always liked and respected that. I’ve met her briefly several times and she’s often smiling and laughing – far from humorless and cold – flirtatious even – no kidding. (I hear she generally gets along with men better than women.)

  • Thank you for posting this video on Anna. I was not too fond of her until seeing this. Being a perfectionist and hard working person myself, I have grown a liking to her personality now, maybe even some admiration!

  • shes outstanding!

  • Thanks for posting! I have read so many articles about her, but this little film says more than all the letters together… and actually, she seems quite nice to me. Friendly and modest. 🙂

  • loved this interview! she is such a strong, independent, beautiful woman

  • freradikel

    Great Post, THNX! Anna Wintour came across as warm, gracious and human. I found all her responses were thoughtful, considerate and courteous with a twist. A great combination of honesty and discretion. Proof of a highly developed individual who keeps to the point, while cutting to the chase.

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