These animal art blocks prove toys can be playful and inspirational
By Erin Rechner

Ditch the Angry Birds download and inspire a new generation with these stunning art blocks from Dutch artist Christian Borstlap.

Jun 22, 2016

1 min

Every time the summer season comes along, it’s a time when designers look to find innovative ways to update perennial jungle graphics. In the kids world that I report on (a sphere that covers everything from kids clothing to emerging brands, toys and furniture) jungle designs seen on everything from clothing to toys are a key staple, but it’s challenging to freshen up such a regularly used motif. Or so I thought…

LOWAA-4x pack Here at WGSN, we stumbled upon this inventive video full of graphic animals painted on children’s blocks.

The artist Christian Borstlap, wanted something for the kids to be able to take home all the animals of the zoo (sold in Artis).  “This enormous diversity in nature is a kind of accidental miracle,” said Borstlap, who was drawn to create this project for the park in Amsterdam.  christiaan_borstlap_in_blokjes_allemaal_artis_1920x1080.jpg__1920x1080_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscale


The box itself contains various painted blocks, allowing for kids to create their own take on animals or try to copy familiar ones such as elephants penguins and giraffes and the 120 examples that come with the enclosed book.

The possibilities are endless and an inviting way to get children off mobile devices and back into playing with handcrafted tangible things.




Check out the video below for some fun graphic and print inspiration for kidswear.

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These animal art blocks prove toys can be playful and inspirational

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Kerryn Newton-Edwards
Jun 28th, 2016

where can you buy these blocks

Caroline Swain
Jun 28th, 2016

Is it possible to buy these blocks from you?

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