Anastasia Beverly Hills: the beauty brand creates foundation for all skin tones
By WGSN Insider

From beige to ebony, the new line of foundation products from beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills appeals to a wide range of consumers. WGSN’s Nicole McLennan reports

Aug 19, 2016

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The beauty world is starting to stand up and pay attention to its growing diverse consumer. While for years the beauty standard has been blonde hair and pale skin, catered for in campaign adverts and product delivery, that is beginning to change.

Last year Dove introduced its #loveyourcurlscampaign and emoji series, to celebrate women with curly hair, and this year Shea Moisture launched its #BreakTheWalls campaign to address the double standards in the beauty industry, where products for African American women sit on separate shelves. While consumers have taken to social media to stand up for inclusivity- the hashtag #unfairandlovely challenges the widely-held belief in many parts of the world that fair skin is the most attractive.

And now, beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is proving that it is leading when it comes to recognising the diverse consumer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has launched its new Stick to Flawless foundation. The message? That you can be flawless no matter what colour and (more importantly) what shade you are. The range consists of 24 shades that have been split into 6 gorgeous categories.

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Back in 2014 we reported for S/S 16 Consumer Forecast that ‘The Soft Pop trend focuses on a world where colour, race and sexuality are no longer primary identifiers.’ and ‘Interracial marriages has reached unprecedented levels across the globe’. And here we are in S/S 16 where a go-to brand like Anastasia Beverly Hills, has produced a product reflecting that there are a multitude of races and as a result more colour shades, which need to be represented!

The 19-year-old brand is listening to its #GlamSquad consumers, while taking note of what’s happening around them for seasons to come. The stick foundation hit the market with a bang on 18th August and will be available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills site. The range will also be available in Macy’s, Sephora, Ulta and Dillard’s very soon. And IF that wasn’t all fabulous enough the product can be scooped up for $25!

Norvina (the daughter of Anastasia Sore, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills) stated on her Instagram that ‘This project has been in the works for years, and it’s one that we are very proud of.’

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