America's Next Top Model?


As I’m sure you know, the real next top model will never be discovered through a silly reality show. (Not that I don’t enjoy watching silly reality shows sometimes…) The girl that will actually be the next top model is likely living in New York right now in fact. She’s sharing an apartment in the East Village with 3 or 4 other young models – a model apartment owned or rented by her agency. She might be represented by a top agency, but having booked few jobs, will likely have little money…so when she’s not doing test shoots or meeting with her agent or going on go-sees, she goes to the movies with her boyfriend or shops at American Apparel or goes out to Rose Bar or Beatrice if someone else is buying the drinks. She’s someone a lot like the stunning Michelle V. – one of my favorite new girls. I see these girls everyday and it always brightens my day. Yes, they are beautiful – but that’s not what I’m talking about. What’s exciting to me is just how “New York” the whole model development system is…for me these girls embody the promise that this city holds. Most jobs, in most cities, offer only drabness and mediocrity – no shocking lows and few highs. When I see someone like Michelle though I think, “One-way bus ticket back to Ohio or flight to Paris to shoot with Mario Testino?” Sure booking a huge job is great…but it’s a beautiful thing just to have the opportunity to book it…even if you are sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the East Village…even if you end up back at home tending bar or taking college courses…at least you had a shot at doing something glamorous with your life. She’s been handed a lottery card that hasn’t been scratched off yet…and I hope she realizes just how damn cool that is. Good luck gorgeous. xx eddie

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  • what a lovely gal! yes, models are truly lucky to have such wonderful opportunities to work with artists…while also channeling their own form of art through their body! 🙂

  • G.

    I think she is very beautyfull, but she’s a little big.. ?

  • ian

    love her

  • I don’t think she’s a little big…but someone might. She’s in development at IMG though…the top modeling agency in the world…and featured prominently on the development portion of their website. It’s this uncertainty mixed with huge opportunity (just think of how many girls worldwide would give anything to be represented by IMG) that creates the excitement and drama I was referring to in this post. These girls are like star high school athletes who get a shot at making it in the big leagues. Soho is their “field of dreams.”

  • D.F.

    Just Amazing!!!

    I just Wanna have your job, every day seem beautiful girls on streets… best job in the world!!

  • I love her tshirt. Any idea what brand it is?

  • I love her outfit, especially the pants

  • well written, and completely true!

  • Hey – yes I love her tshirt too! The fabric is great and I love the cut with the big open/flowing/draped arm holes. I don’t know where it’s from but I know she has looked at this post…maybe she will leave the info as a comment?? Michelle?

  • Love her outfit..;D
    Great post as always.;D

  • She’s beautiful! Love her outfit!

  • Anonymous

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  • Eva

    Ugh. This disgusts me that someone said she looks big.
    It’s about time that things start changing- she looks healthy- not frail and bony.

  • what are those shorts? they’re awesome i must have them

  • vie

    I agree – she’s a beautiful girl and looks healthy, which is rare for a model.
    But she’s not thin enough if she wants to do runway.

  • X

    Heh.. She’s a sweet girl, met her recently and she goes out a lot apparently, see her out all the time at 1Oak and such.. She’s usually just about the hottest girl in the place and has great energy, and definitely has a sense of entitlement about her that is normal and okay for a hot model girl like that in the scene that enables her to have all that power.

  • p

    she went to my high school