Activewear: From humble beginnings to game changing textiles of the future
By Carlene Thomas Bailey

Athleisure has evolved, ditching the name and embracing new innovative fabrics within this key market. WGSN Head of Active Clare Varga reports

Feb 01, 2016

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Activewear is the type of word that hits peak popularity at the start of the New Year when gym goers are out in force. But activewear (formerly athlesiure) is in my constant vocabulary for 365 days of the year. I’ve seen this growing market emerge from the sidelines and be embraced by the wider fashion industry. It’s gone from the periphery of fashion to the mainstream, making its most recent appearance on the Couture Versace catwalk.

And as this trend has evolved, so too, have the materials. Fabric innovation is what keeps the sector so popular and a billion dollar section of the fashion industry. For 2016 and beyond we are seeing some real growth within fabric innovation, think game changing textiles and self healing fabrics.

To celebrate the rise and rise of activewear, WGSN has created a special one-off trend wall timeline, which visitors to Munich Fabric Start can see up close. If you can’t make it, we’ve got a sneak peek of the timeline wall here for you to enjoy.


If you’re down at the event in Munich, you’ll be able to see, touch and snap photos of the entire timeline and hashtag #ALLDAYACTIVE


Better still, you can get a front-row seat at our Activewear trend seminar where we explain the evolution in detail. Sign up here for more details.

Activewear: From humble beginnings to game changing textiles of the future

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Aug 25th, 2016

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norm zwail
Feb 06th, 2016

I have been in the forefront of the women’s active industry for over 40 years. The first real sign that women were willing to crossover from their “sport-wear” to their “sportswear was around 1977 when Bonnie August, head Danskin designer came out with her Freestyle collection. From there the industry took off. I was with Danskin in its heyday, I was an owner of Marika and Baryshnikov and lead the growth of the aerobic-wear boom and returned to Marika (pre-Lululemon) to introduce Yogawear.

Feb 04th, 2016

Would be great if these seminars could be streamed on line! I’m an Australian student and wouldn’t be able to get to Munich but see a future for me in active wear.

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